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Giveaway: Vector packs from ArtBox7.com


420px vector Giveaway: Vector packs from ArtBox7.com

Comment to win: Vector packs from ArtBox7.com

It’s time for another contest here on Web Design Blog.
ArtBox7 and Web Design Blog offers you the chance to win a free vector pack at your choice from ArtBox7.com. All you have to do is to browse through ArtBox7, find an vector pack, and then let us know what is the name of the pack which you would like to win. Supreme Vector Pack is not included in this give away. 10 winners will be choose using Randomizer (random.org)

About ArtBox7.com

Artbox7.com is a small design studio specialized in royalty free vectors and design elements. You can convince by yourself by checking out their vector packs


  • Chose any of the individual packs witch you’d like to win.
  • Tell us what type of vectors would you like to see on ArtBox7.com
  • You need to enter a valid email address (winners will receive their pack via email)
  • Comment only once

All the free vectors from WDB - Garcya.us downloaded as a regular member are available for personal use only!
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Commercial license is available for Premium Members for only $9 / life (one time fee).
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  • http://www.desbytree.com Ressa

    I would love to win Vector Doodle Set 1. They are so cute.

    It would be great to see a hand drawn paisley vector set.

    Thank you so much.

  • http://www.urbanlettering.blogspot.com Kimberly

    I can’t decide! I like the swirls vector packs 6 and 7 and the kids silhouettes. If I win though, I’d probably get the kids silhouettes! That gives me a brilliant idea for my sons’ room :)


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  • Gail

    Oooh – such fun! Let’s see – I think I like the Vector Birds set 2 the best!

  • http://arbent.net Angie Bowen

    I would love to have the Cityscape/Skyscraper Vector pack!

  • http://www.atgstores.com Kathryn

    The “Flourish – Swirls Vector Pack 7″ would be great! Thanks so much!

  • Manny

    “Dancing Silhouettes” :D

  • http://diggerdesignlabs.com Steve Robillard

    I like the leaf pack.

    I would love to see either a spirograph type pack or a fences series.

  • http://pixellicious.blogspot.com Kalpesh Ajugia

    Great thing for a designer to have. Nice Contest. Would love to win on this one. All the best to all the contestants.

  • http://www.foxysoft.pl Mateusz

    I would like to win Swirls Vector Pack 6 ;)


  • http://www.7strategy.com Website Designer

    Wow giveaways! nice!

    Hmmm lemme see..

    Ill go for “Flourish – Swirls Vector Pack 7″!

    *crossed finger*

    GL to all

  • http://evenifmyheartwouldbreak.blogspot.com Bhuvan Gupta

    I would like to win the Floral Ornaments Pack 2, because I like the abstract designs in the pack.

  • Amy

    I would love to win the dancing silhouettes pack. It would be nice to see urban music designs on the site.


  • http://www.seibelgroup.com Mare

    I would love to win the FLOURISH – SWIRLS VECTOR PACK 7.
    Thank you for all that you contribute to the creative design community!!!!

  • NRV

    I would love to win the Palm tree set. I would like to see a set developed of domestic animals…

  • Mary

    I would like to win the abstract floral grunge.

    I would like to see some more masculine designs, not too edgy. As appropriate (fun) for kids maybe, or clients a bit shy of the more aggressively grungy look.

    Thanks for running the contest.
    I’d participate again.

  • http://www.alikamran.ca Ali Kamran

    I would like to win Abstract Curves Vector

  • AnnMarie Sivret

    Floral ornaments pack 2 looks great…I like it!
    How about a fruit, insect, or seashell vector pack.

  • http://amsivret AnnMarie Sivret

    Floral ornaments pack 2 looks great…I like it!

  • amsivret

    I would love to have floral ornaments pack 2 looks great…I like it!
    For a new pack, how about a fruit, insect, or seashells.

  • John L

    Thanks for doing this! They would all be nice to have. I’m going to pick the Grunge Chaos/Destroy package. I think that might be most useful for some of the projects I do.

  • http://canuckiancontests.blogspot.com Connie Walsh

    I would love the snowflake vector

  • http://izzy-dev.com Paul Rostorp

    I would like to win the “Colorful Curve Vectors” (http://artbox7.com/59-colorful-curve-vectors.html)


  • Jesstastic

    Decorative Vectors, Hand Drawn Pack 5 is what I would like to win. They would make great name tags and cards for so many occasions!

  • Sheree

    Thanks for the contest. I would like to win Colorful Curve Vectors. What a great combination. I love colorful and curvy illustrations, so this Pack will help shortcut alot of my efforts.

  • Andy

    Definitely the Chaos/Destroy vector set. Very cool.

  • graham

    Flourish – Swirls Vector Pack 7, would be be nice to win …… would love to see a vector furniture pack or interiors fittings series

  • http://www.ares.net Ares

    Definitely the cityscape/skyscraper pack. Awesome!

  • raphthex

    Dancing Silhouette is my choice from The ArtBox7.com competition. I have left a comment saying that a set of people doing various activities in a park would be good eg. walking, sitting on a bench and feeding duck etc. I’m not sure where I was to send or reply to this competition so I sent to you and Artbox7.com.

  • http://www.cbra.co.in Mathan Vibranarayanan

    Dancing Silhouettes – Awesome creation…..

    I enjoyed viewing that…. cool stuff….

    good day…

  • http://www.cbra.co.in Mathan Vibranarayanan

    Dancing Silhouettes – awesome creation..

    all cool stuffs in that pack.. i really enjoyed it…

    good day

  • Kelly

    I would love to win the Flouish-Swirls vector pack 7.

    I would like to see more flowers and occasions vectors. Thanks for the great files that you have on your site!!!


  • Anon.

    I would love to win the Cityscape/Skyscraper Vector Pack !
    I would use them for my next web design =), thanks for the contest, I appreciate !

    Greetings from Belgium,

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