Giveaway: 25 Premium Membership worth $1300

First giveaway hosted by on our FB page.

We are giving away 25 Premium Memberships.

Read more to see how to enter!
Rules are simple:
1. Like
2. Tag your name anywhere on this photo (when tags reach 50 we will upload another photo)
3. Share this photo on your wall
4. Optional: Leave a comment here so we can extract your name and use it in when we draw the winners. (names will be taken from “tags” if no comment was left)

That’s it!

PS: You can only tag your name and share the photo if you have completed the first step (like on FB)

To enter click on the photo below and tag your name on it

The prizes
First 10 winners will get 1 EXTENDED Membership Each.
The next 15 winners will get 1 REGULAR Membership each.

Contest will be live from 10th of December until 16th of December

Winners will be announced on 16th of December at 23:00 GTM (UK Hour)

Winners will get an confirmation email / message on facebook so that they can have their account setup.

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