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If you have a new website that needs to be reviewed, if you have some cool software that you want to promote, or if you published a book, pamphlet, magazine or zine and want to get it reviewed, you’ve come to the right place.

Let me give you some reasons that you may chose to be reviewed by me and not by others, or by intermediate firms and websites.

First of all your product / website will be professionally reviewed for ONLY $50 (not hundreds of $ like others reviewers ask).

Your review will have as many paragraphs as you wish, as many links to your website as you wish, and a lot of images (banners) that will increase the CRT to your product / website.

You can see other reviews done by me if you follow this link

Other good reasons to be reviewed by me:

The best and maybe the most important thing to consider before getting reviewed is to check how good you will be ranked on Google after I will review your website.To see some proofs that all the websites reviewed or created by me are ranked on first page on Google please follow some of the links provided in the list:

And the list can continue …

I think I’ve made me point here on what you will receive for just $50.

If you are interested in getting reviewed by me and want to find out more, please contact me by e-mail at (you can try IM me on Google Talk), or IM me on Yahoo! Messenger on my id Garcya17 (you can use this to contact me through MSN also) .

Thank you for your patience on reading this.I hope I’ve got your attention and maybe you will ask for a review from me :)

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