Free Vector Graphics

floral-background free vector download eps

Here you will find free vector graphics available for download (EPS and AI  format).

For more free vector graphics not listed here visit the free vector graphics category!

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Important Note: Since the server crashed and all the files were lost I’m reconstructing this page so new content will be added every day, come back and refresh the page.

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8 Tropic Islands Vectors

tropic island vectors

Download 8 Tropic Islands Vectors

15 Free Vector Icons

15 Free Vector Icons


15 Free Ribbons

15 Free Ribbons

Download 15 Free Vector Icons

16 Free Real Estate Vector Logos

16 Free Real Estate Vector Logo types

Download 16 Free Real Estate Vector Logos

22 Free Vector Mix

Download 22 Free Vector Mix

29 Vector Mix Volume 3

29 vector mix volume 3

Download 29 Vector Mix Volume 3

34 Mixed Vector Icons

Glass bin

red medical icons

set of different environmental icons

Download 34 Mixed Vector Icons

37 Vector Mix Volume 2


Download 37 Vector Mix Volume 2

42 Vector Bar codes

barcode 1

vector bar codes

Download 42 Vector Bar codes

55 Mixed Vector Art

55 mixed vector art

Download 55 Mixed Vector Art

5 Vintage Decorative Vectors


Download 5 Vintage Decorative Vectors

24 Beautiful and Free 3D Vector Icons

Free 3D vector icons
beautiful free 3d vector icons

Download 24 Beautiful and Free 3D Vector Icons

Free Vector Blue Icons

Free Vector Blue Icons

Download Free Vector Blue Icons

Stock Vectors – Fire Elements

Stock Vectors - Fire

Download Stock Vectors – Fire Elements

836 thoughts on “Free Vector Graphics”

  1. vlad, to use these vector graphics you need Adobe Illustrator ! There is a 30 days trial of Adobe Illustrator CS 3, practice it out. After you selected the vector graphic with Illustrator, hit ctrl c to copy the graphic, then you can open your Photoshop and can paste the graphic there ctrl v :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these!
    I have only just started playing with vector bits and this will give me a great selection to start from & make collage!

  3. WOW!!!! Super stuff.
    Thanks for this. Was hoping to find a few vector images to play around with but never expected all this and such quality too.

    Thank you again Garcya!

  4. I love these vector images, however i’m only able to download .rar files, and I can’t seem to open them in illustrator. Any ideas???

  5. oh ya…..

    how can i know if there is any new add from you….

    it’s helpful for me….

    can i have a notice to my e-mail….?

    many thx….

  6. Of course you can Geni.
    You can subscribe to receive all posts by e-mail by clicking here.
    You are automatically subscribed to comments by e-mail if you didn’t disable it.
    Thank you!

  7. thank you very much.

    I am searching a vector graphic of a jumping frog and a jumping monkey.

    Does anyone no where I can get those or can anyone draw such graphics for me?

    thank you very much.

    You may send it to

  8. We just launched
    XLICONS offers original vector designs in CDR or AI format for screen printing, glass etching, sign and stencil cutting, digitized embroidary and laser engraving.
    I really appreciate your feedback.

  9. Garcya,

    thank you very much. I like them very much, only I don’t like the cigar. But you may send them, maybe I can remove the cigar.

    thanks a lot again

  10. big bom whats so difficult ? the link is there and it works just fine. Wait untill the page loads and the click the image that says “click here to start download” !

  11. Hello,
    as an ideas driven artist, i want to move on quickly and not get bogged down by hours,days,weeks on computer vector art…i sthere a program available that converts images/photos etc automatically into vector style art..would need levels/variables with it????
    anyway of making the process speedier easier – apart from hiring a bunch of warhol like assistants?? :>) cheers, sincerely, bret polok.

  12. hi Garcya i saw your vector work and its wicked thnx for the share, im still in college and need some cool vintage instruments like moog synthetizer or Piooner CDJ-1000 in vectors, hope you could help me


  13. Gamma first of all I don’t even know what those mean “Piooner CDJ-1000” and “moog synthetizer” .
    But after their name I don’t think I could help you with that! Sorry!

  14. wow, thx for your help, it’s very useful for my wedding design. I’ve my own pict, would u vector it?
    thx again garcy!

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  16. The problem was resolved ONLY for the vector graphics download.
    The rest of the downloads are still missing, but I’m working on it.
    You can now resume downloading the vector graphics.

  17. You do realize that the site which hosts your vector downloads requires people to PAY to download more than TWO of the vector packs you offer? I don’t know if the money goes to you or not, but if so, you should probably share that information with everyone so that they know ahead of time they’ll have to pay for the vectors and that they are NOT free.


  18. ta-da: first of all that site is a file hosting website that offers FREE file hosting services. They allow you do download ONE file at the same time, you have to wait until that file is downloaded and then try again downloading ANOTHER vector graphics/file/whatever.
    I quote:

    You have reached the download-limit for free-users. Want to download more?
    Get your own Premium-account now! Instant download-access! (Or wait 3 minutes)

    I’m not affiliated with them, I don’t get any cent for using their services, and if you or someone from here decides that he needs to download more files CONSECUTIVELY then you need to buy their pro membership. Thats all.
    To be more specific on what I offer here: everything is free and will remain that way.
    If you know somewhere else i can host my files for free, let me know and I’ll change the hosting server… until then use what I’ve got to offer or don’t use it at all…

  19. In the principal page wherefrom the set stoop vectors, there are some link that already do not unload as the set 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 20; habra accidentally(casually) other link of unloads?, or simply to send them to my mail…

  20. En la pagina principal de donde se bajan los set vectores, hay algunos link que ya no descargan como el set 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 y el 20; habra por casualidad otros link de descargas?, o simplemente enviarmelos a mi correo…

    Thanks…. Gracias

  21. hey Jac, the vectors are awesom, but some links i think are broken and they dont function well. i dont know weather the problem is only with me in India. But, poles apart very very very COOL stuff ;)

  22. I’m getting – “The file has been deleted or has expired.” on most of the downloads :( its like waving some sweet smelling food under my nose!

    For the ones that do dload though – Good work!

  23. Hi Garcya,

    Great work!

    Upload your great work to for free hosting with no download limits at all. Put it under book category.

    Hope that would help us all.

  24. I couldn’t download the vector graphics sets 17 – 25. Says DELETED. Cld you please repost them all. I love all the sets package. Should i go on my knees for you to repost em all

  25. I couldn’t download the vector graphics sets 1 – 21. Says DELETED. Cld you please repost them all. I love all the sets package. Should i go on my knees for you to repost em all

  26. Can I use the free vector graphics for anything, I wanna put them on logos’s and website that i’m doing for a client?

  27. No problem, i just wish to use only one vector image for commercial use can i pay you $1, sorry man i’m from South Africa, so 1$ = actually our currency *7.5. Harsh I know hy. But I really wanna use it, will that be ok for u.

  28. Hi, these vector graphics look really cool, i tried downloading them though and filebox was saying that the files were removed or had expired. do you have another link for these sets?

    thanks a lot.

  29. I would like to use some of these for my projects.

    Did you make them? Am I able to use one graphic for a WordPress theme I am making for a web site?


  30. Hi there! It’s the first time I visit your blog, and it’s fantastic!! just wondering… there are a few vector sets that wont work. (2-9, and 20) So… could you please upload them again?
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful art. You are the best. Greetings from Mexico!

  31. Hi, I love them all, thanks a lot but the sets from 1 to 8 are no longer saved, would you please upload them again, thanks a lot again :)

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  33. many set cant download like SET2, SET3, SET4….
    its say the file expired…can you please upload again…thanks!

  34. I’d really like to use something in set 8, but it’s expired. Could you repost, or send? (I just want the little stars in the corner of the tan one, my MIL needs me to make her some bookmarks for some school thing.) Thanks!

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  36. porque hay tantos download que no funcionan, es la mayoria, una verdadera verguenza, los mejores no se pueden bajar, realmente una verdadewra verguenza

  37. hi, really appreciate you kindness for sharing your works and saving our time and and we might not even create something like yours. Thanks a Zillion and may you have a great happy life.

  38. ola amigo la verdad te felicito tienes oro puro en las manos creeme que hago reverencias hacia ti . mucha suerte en tu vida y en tu carrera de dise

  39. Hello, thanks fot nice work ;), but i have a problem. If i want download some from this files i get message: ” The file has been deleted or has expired. ” So, what i have to do? Thanks so much. Michelle

  40. It’s a great collection, but half the download don’t work anymore.

    If you find some spare time, it’d be great if you could get those back online. If you need bandwidth and storage space, I would be happy to assist you, just let me know.

  41. The download link of the first ones has expired…
    Just in case you want to fix them…………..
    Thanks for sharing this! They are awesome

  42. Hi I would like to pay for the content that you have but i am affraid to do so as your links are not working for the free stuff at the moment so I cant even check the quality of the files

  43. thank u for the beauty vector
    but some link not work

    thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u

  44. Free Vector graphics set 11 said this:

    This file is in violation of the Terms of Service. Sharing has been disabled.

    please check!


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  46. Some of the vectors you can’t download.
    It says it has been deleted or expired!
    can you fixed it please.

  47. I bought the catalog and am going to buy another real soon.
    I just wanted you to know I had downloaded the car outlines a few weeks ago and I got to use it the first time today! wow! they are awesome.
    My client was impressed at how nice her mock up decal would look on her vehicle outline.


  48. Hey! Nice graphics, only some of them are expired. Would you mind putting set 5 and 18 back on? I was sort of planning on using them for a little project!


    cheers, Nichon

  49. This site is soooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!! perfect for my project when everything at school is blocked!!!>


  51. I love the site and have downloaded from here in the past, but now the links from filbox seem to be broken. Hopefully they’ll be fixed.

  52. Hello Garcya, You’ve been a great help dude, but why i’m not able to download them as the message appears that “the file has been deleted or expired” …………………….. can somebody please help? :)

  53. Thanks a ton for this awesome stuff……. very very helpful…….

    love them…… but the links from set 2 to set 9 are not working…..


  54. guys i think we should support this guy. on his site”for $5 you get the whole package” which seems fair to me.

  55. I love your art but all the REALLY hot stuff is deleted of expired. This wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t up giving us the hope we could use it. Would you mind checking and taking down the sets that aren’t available.

    thank you kindly.
    Take care and thanks for the good inspiration!!!!

  56. thanx alot~ just sumthin that i needed the most! :)
    but some of the files are not available for download..
    is there anyway i can get them too?

  57. Hi! i tried downloading a few of your vectors, and the one with the badges is a .rar file….i have a macbook black, do you have ANY idea on how to open them? it wont let me use illustrator.

  58. Puedes subir nuevamente los ZIP… me interesan mucho…
    (can you upload again… i’m need it… please)

  59. wow, you are a genius, i love you’re graphics !

    I run to try them in motion, ty so much 4, i have to import them in my AE now! ty again, cya

  60. very nice collections, can’t wait to use them..

    i tried to download set 8 because there are many cool graphics in that set but i failed to download it. is there any way i can dl that set?

    anyway many many thnx!!

  61. Hello, where access Free Vector Graphics
    Click download, but does not open the link, only the Free vector graphics package on September 1 giving to download

    I await instructions, thanks!

  62. thanks for the free dl’s, however some of the links are not working anymore. too bad can’t dl them all…

  63. ESTA EXCELENTE ESTE APORTE, estaba trabajando un afichepara promocionar un producto y aqu

  64. OMG………i love these graphics they are soooooooooo cool my favorite is the beach one :) ;) im setting it to my screensaver. but the guy here smells like rotten cabage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………….gross!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha jk lol ;)

  65. muchisimas gracias por estos vector packs espero que sigan asi son muy buenos y muy profecionales… gracias me serviran mucho

  66. Hi, love the images, can they be printed out to use on greeting cards for personal use ie to send to friends and family and not to be sold


  67. Wow! As in WOOOOWWWW!!!! I love these! Thanks! These’ll be Good inspirations for my designs…Vector Art Rules!!!!!

  68. Hi Garcya,

    Fabulous work! Need a help. I use inkscape for all my vector image needs. Is it possible to save your work in svg format too so that inkscape users like me will also benefit? If it is too much of work, I would be delighted if you could convert and give me just the set15 into svg.


  69. I love the art work and would like to use some of the music stuff, but, I’m unable to download the music vectors. I tried using a un-rar program for mac, but the link doesn’t fully download off the internet, it just stays up in my browser, while not even downloading into my downloads folder so I can’t even use the unrar program to open it. Its not even on the hard drive. Help?

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  75. dear garcya,
    you just got it… your graphics are the very very best!!! I just started to play around with illustrator and came across your site… and man hey, I can learn a lot from you!
    could you do me a favor? I’d like to download set nr. 17 (the rainbowgirl) and set nr. 3 in the Free Vector Graphics Category, but unlucky the files were deleated. Could you help?
    Thanks a lot for doing all this here!!!!

  76. hi, i love these image
    can i use these image on book for free? the book will be publisheed soon
    can i do that?
    if i don’t is there any way to use these image?

    plz, tell me

  77. i mean i want to use these images in commercial. i read copyright policy, i just wondering there is a chance to use these images, plz let me know

  78. Hei Garcya, multumesc f mult pentru imaginile vectorizate, sunt f frumoase, se vede ca, pe langa munca, este multa imaginatie in spatele lor!

  79. Dear Garcya

    Please allow me to use your free graphic on my sites ie;, your work is wonderful, hope to work for you in the near future. Any links to inform me about your career profile would expand to further projects.

    Hope you are OK if your free vector images will be used on my site.

    Sincerely yours


  80. For all who subscribed here, you can win $50 to your paypal account – just like that.
    The contest is run and sponsored by Web Design Blog itself, see this post if you want to participate.

  81. @Rhonda of course not, there are several other programs that you can use and a lot of them are open source (free).
    Here is a complete list of the programs that can open EPS files.

  82. Hi, thanks for your great design :) You can use to publish and share your works, I use this service and I find it very practical.

  83. thanks for the free vectors. i cant believe they’re free!

    is it ok if i use some of them as my site’s background? please let me know

  84. Thank-you. i’m corean(Korean) . i use this file to my work.
    i’m strange to english so understand my message.
    i wish your good day, the reason you give me the great good souce. ^^;

  85. Sir Garcya,

    sir do you have a Fire Element vector art?

    any fire vector will do.

    i really need it.

    thank you very much sir! more power to you!

  86. Have seen your free posts and they are awsome. Would like to have your 28 Orange Vectors. If you can help me out I’ll be gratefull.

  87. this Design is very Good. i like that, so i hope it Excellent Design.Wonderful work thank you for sharing them.
    Do you ever do pregnant ladies or brides?

  88. thank you soooooooooooo much for this awsome vector collection ill do good use with
    i really appriciate it thanks alot!

  89. Hi Everyone…
    very Good a lot so sharing these type of graphics.. and i like vector graphics and 3d too… i like that, so i hope it Excellent Design.Wonderful work thank you for sharing them.

  90. @debora these are for personal use only, if you would like to use them in commercial use please use the contact page and get to me so I can tell you all the necessary info.

  91. awesome site, awesome post… freaking awesome!

    thanks so much for these free resources, not just the vectors, but the rest of the site as well!

    thanks! following you on twitter now, btw.

  92. Gracias por los vectores gráficos estan muy bonitos y creativos, pero me gustaría bajar vector graphics SET 12 y no puedo porque expiro los podrías poner de nuevo.
    Thanks for vector graphics are very nice and creative, but I’d like to download vector graphics SET 12 and I could put it expires again.

  93. I can see you’re different, i like your design, but it takes too long time to download. do you have other website to be visited?

  94. I’d like to use your free web template. it is very nice.
    Please send me the password by e-mail(
    Thank you.

  95. Gracias por el desinteres y compartir tu arte, ojala y usaras el formato CDR de Corel Draw mas adelante, el EPS se importa completo o muchas veces ni se importa.

    Gracias una vez mas por la ayuda.
    Saludos desde Lima Perú.

  96. Thank you very much Garcya. You are a great artist and a very generous person for sharing all of this great work with the world.
    The quality of your design is amazing!
    Keep up the good work and thanks a lot again.
    Sammy from Quebec City, Canada.

  97. HI! thanks for this beautiful vectors I will use for my new english blog.
    Sure I will write a post to give big thanks to you and your faboulous website!

  98. Are these vectors on your site available for print on demand products like for I’m barely starting up my store and looking around for a few images to start up with. I will be more than glad to provide you the link to what I create if you let me use the images in this form. I will also send you the final design creation in for of e-mail so you can keep it if you want or I can provide a link back to your site to give you credit if those are the terms. I just wanted to ask before using any image :) please e-mail me at, thanks

  99. Hello,
    I’m sending you this email because I want to know that is there any way to cooperate with your company about designing vectors or sth like that and send it to you via internet ?
    I’m expert in graphis designing and I’m doing this about 7 years.
    I will be glad to receive your answer.
    Thank you for your time

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  101. Write a blog post (anywhere you can) and write anything you want about WDB but make sure to include a link back to with the anchor text Free Vector Graphics <- copy/paste this! After you’ve wrote your guest article please contact me or send a @Garcya notice on twitter so I can setup your Premium Membership account, free of course :)

  102. You are very talented and must love to do it… I am glad because we benefit. Your work reminds me of what DMB uses on their merchandising etc. I am definetely bookmarking your sight…. Love the beach & ocean designs…Ever design any Dolphin sets? Peace & Love,
    Thanks again!

  103. Wow, now this is an excellent collection of free vector graphics. You are truly showing that you have a lot of talent in your work. I hope to see more work from you in the near future.

    Thanks for the Great freebies. :)

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  105. Thanks for making it available to all! Generous! Just like to say that I am only starting with idea of the own website and need all I can get to decide on the logo.
    If one downlads logo from you and uses it as their logo, is there a chance of many people using the same logo, being free? Thanks

  106. This is simply outstanding. I like it very much or happy thing is that we can download it also…..Thanks for sharing.

  107. hi garcya can you help me out? i want to design my own vector to make t-shirt designs. my question is what software do you use to make these amazing vectors? and can you tell me how to get the software? and how to download the vectors you have made?

  108. I usually use for my work. It seems to be the easiest to use and probably has the best selection of images, vectors, backgrounds etc that i´ve seen. I´d reccomend.