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Download: Pink-Kupy (202 KB)
Demo: click here
Description: Very nice pink and free wordpress theme :). Its ideal for a girl blog, has a slick design and a very cool background. It has 2 columns, Fixed width, Left sidebar and Rounded corners. Widgets are not supported unfortunately, for this version of the theme, maybe at the next update.

Free CSS Template: Internet Corporation

Download: Free CSS Template (33 KB)
Demo: click here
Description: This template could be a great solution for small company website that doesn’t have much text and features a big slogan. With two columns, soft blue and green colors, and a few animated gif images to make the template more interactive, this template is basically a clean and simple solution for any smaller website.

Free CSS Template: Smallisbeautiful

Download: Free CSS Template (50 KB)
Demo: click here
Description: Very simple CSS template on black and white, using both image menu and text menu. Using DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha to transform the images, very nice feature. Small and Beautiful validates as XHTML 1.1 and Images displayed on this design are royalty free and taken from stockXchng.

Free CSS Template: Dripzone

Download: Free CSS Template (34 KB)
Demo: click here
Description: This is bold modern template that doesn’t use tables. The width is 450 pixels with a 200 pixel sidebar. I’ve set it up to be used as a blog or news site, but you can customize it for whatever purpose you want.

Free CSS Template: Missunderstood

Download: Free CSS Template (14 KB)
Demo: click here
Description: This is a free CSS template that I thought someone might find this useful so here it is for you to download and use free of charge. All I ask you keep the link in the footer to my site OR if you email me at and tell me your url you may remove the link and take full credit. I dont care :P

SwishMax: Squares Squares

Download: Square Squares (1.3 MB)
Demo: click here
Description: Square Squares is a Dynamic SWiSH Max Site template, this means all the text and images are loaded from external files on your server. Most settings can be changed through the variables in a single file making this site very easy to customise and maintain.

WordPress : Health Care

Download: Health Care (1.3 MB)
Demo: click here
Description: Health care is a WordPress template that you can use for health news and other stuff related to health, or you can simply change the images and re-design it so it will reflect your website.

WordPress Theme is a skin (theme or template) for one of the most popular blogging software WordPress. If you want a free blog visit WordPress official web site

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