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Free Templates

1453 big vector Free Templates Free WordPress Theme

Download: Pink-Kupy (202 KB)
Demo: click here
Description: Very nice pink and free wordpress theme :). Its ideal for a girl blog, has a slick design and a very cool background. It has 2 columns, Fixed width, Left sidebar and Rounded corners. Widgets are not supported unfortunately, for this version of the theme, maybe at the next update.

Internet Corporation vector Free Templates Free CSS Template: Internet Corporation

Download: Free CSS Template (33 KB)
Demo: click here
Description: This template could be a great solution for small company website that doesn’t have much text and features a big slogan. With two columns, soft blue and green colors, and a few animated gif images to make the template more interactive, this template is basically a clean and simple solution for any smaller website.

smallisbeautiful vector Free Templates Free CSS Template: Smallisbeautiful

Download: Free CSS Template (50 KB)
Demo: click here
Description: Very simple CSS template on black and white, using both image menu and text menu. Using DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha to transform the images, very nice feature. Small and Beautiful validates as XHTML 1.1 and Images displayed on this design are royalty free and taken from stockXchng.

dripzone vector Free Templates Free CSS Template: Dripzone

Download: Free CSS Template (34 KB)
Demo: click here
Description: This is bold modern template that doesn’t use tables. The width is 450 pixels with a 200 pixel sidebar. I’ve set it up to be used as a blog or news site, but you can customize it for whatever purpose you want.

missunderstood vector Free Templates Free CSS Template: Missunderstood

Download: Free CSS Template (14 KB)
Demo: click here
Description: This is a free CSS template that I thought someone might find this useful so here it is for you to download and use free of charge. All I ask you keep the link in the footer to my site OR if you email me at Garcya85@gmail.com and tell me your url you may remove the link and take full credit. I dont care :P

squares vector Free Templates SwishMax: Squares Squares

Download: Square Squares (1.3 MB)
Demo: click here
Description: Square Squares is a Dynamic SWiSH Max Site template, this means all the text and images are loaded from external files on your server. Most settings can be changed through the variables in a single file making this site very easy to customise and maintain.

health vector Free Templates WordPress : Health Care

Download: Health Care (1.3 MB)
Demo: click here
Description: Health care is a WordPress template that you can use for health news and other stuff related to health, or you can simply change the images and re-design it so it will reflect your website.

WordPress Theme is a skin (theme or template) for one of the most popular blogging software WordPress. If you want a free blog visit WordPress official web site

More templates coming soon…. ;)You can browse other templates not listed here by selecting Free Templates Category

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  • jimeno

    hey man, the flash business template is missing, can you refresh it again??, i love your template, thanks. see you

  • http://ken.vn ken

    thanks !!!!

  • riaan

    hi I would love to know how you created the 3d animation in the fla was it with a program like 3d max or a simpler program?

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    It’s just Adobe Flash CS 3 ;)

  • jimeno

    hey garcya, the Flash Business template file is missing, can you find it or post it again? please I want it. thanks

  • ahpunk

    your Flash Business template d/l link not working again? love it but cant d/l it. thanks

  • KriKK

    the Flash Business template is still missing. Nice box animation. Please provide d/l link

  • Larris

    Yeah i love the flashed one, too. Could you upload it agian, pleeeeze? ;-)

  • Jon

    How come i cant download that awsome flash template where is the link

  • chinaboy

    hey,the Flash Business template is still missing. Nice box animation. 3Q

  • jimeno

    Hey garcya when do you gonna upload fue flash bussnies again? Please i want it

  • chinaboy

    thank u very much ~~ you are a good man haha

  • http://www.bytesandbeans.com badr


    Can you please email me the link for the flash business site? or post it somewhere? I’d like to take a peek at how you did it but can’t download it anywhere!!!



  • kht

    can u please send me the download link for the flash template
    i will really apreciate it.
    thank you

  • jimeno

    hey garcya i will apreciate if you can send me the flash business templete link, please man. thanks man, see you.

    Jimeno el de los Pays

  • kht


  • http://eyeprint.es Federico

    I would love to download your awsome flash template also.
    Many thanks.

  • Carol

    I too, would like to download the flash template. Thanks

  • karla

    Hi, your blog is very nice, and I would like to download this flash template, can you send me the link? Thank you!

  • francesca

    the file of Squares template is missing!
    I like it very much.
    Many Thanks

  • http://www.bioyun.net David

    hey garcya, the Flash Business template file is missing, can you find it or post it again? please I want it. thanks

  • Sandy Davison

    I am very new to web site building, blogging, etc. If one uses a “free” templet for the web page and it goes out on the Net, what are they requirements/rules of using someone elses design?? Is it ok as long as credit is give?

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    Sandy if you have a template made by someone else it is nice to leave the credits in the footer.
    As long as you leave the credits on the footer you can make anything you want with the design.

  • Kishan

    Hi Garcya!

    Great site and innitiative! I’ve a question, could you add the businesstemplate? It’s currently missing, thnx :).

  • Niran

    Same thing love the design love to look at the fla to see how it was done, but the link is not working *sigh* however i guess i can take a crack at trying to replicate the same effects :( might take a while since i’m a newbie at flash.

  • Rohan Bagde

    Hi! Loved your site!
    Cant seem to download the “Flash Business template”.

  • wes

    hi i am new to oscommerce, want to know for your templates, how should i replace it with the original oscommerce thats already installed on my site, what i should keep and what i should take out, or just completely copy your template into my root folder where the oscommerce is already installed.
    thanks for all your hard work, temp look nice

  • http://FlashBusinesstemplate sandro

    Flash Business template -file are missing please update link

  • Sajith

    can u please send me the download link for the flash template

  • http://www.websiteking.co.uk Robbie

    Thanks for the free web design templates mate. I came here looking for affordable designs and found free designs – nice 1 !!

  • http://www.paymonthlysites.com Pay Monthly Websites

    Hi, Thanks for the free templates. I think the link for Flash Template is not working. Can you please check and repost?

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    The flash template and any other who’s links are dead… are not available anymore. Sorry!

  • http://webtasarimhizmetleri.com/category/web-tasarim web tasar?m hizmetleri

    good works

  • jimeno

    hey garcya can you tell what is the song of the Flash Business template??? i love it

  • http://www.tracecareer.com karthik

    hi nice templates………

  • Theodoros Farazoglou

    Dear friend i am really impressed by all these free templates. I tried to download the Flash Business template but the file is missing. If you have an alternative link please inform.

  • ondra

    hey garcya. love the flash business template. link not working though. any chance of mailing it to me? thx

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    I’m sorry that isn’t available anymore.
    I will remove it also from the post.

  • http://www.bazish.net Faisalabad Web Design

    Nice collection of free templates, almost like every template you provided for download.

  • mathan

    awesome designs, ruling my town with your collections. On your way my man…. great job…. your life time fan….

  • jimeno

    anybody has the link of Flash Business template???
    I need the song, plaese

  • Hasmukh


  • http://www.complete-oscommerce.com/oscommerce-templates.html osCommerce Templates

    Hey Nice,

    Lots of free stuff here.
    Really I was looking something like this


  • mandip darji

    thx for templets …….
    i am also wants for friend theme base….templets……..

  • http://www.thewowimages.com Funny Pictures

    Hey, this is really nice.
    Too many new styled web2.0 templates.

    I am going to use any one to reskin my site.


  • Rochelle

    I downloaded one of the free templates. I then tried to open the file and couldn’t. Windows didn’t know what type of file it was ans wanted to search the internet for the proper software. What do I need to open the free dowloaded file?

  • Mariano

    I Like the figasorca template very much

  • zafa

    i like ur website and the material. most of them the templetes fantastic

  • Unique Blog Designs

    I don’t usuall post a reply but this is good work, keep it up.

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  • Megan Smith

    How come you don’t offer the squares squares template anymore? Is there any place I can find it? I loved it.


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