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hesk admin panel

Any website that you run, or will be running in the future, that is intended to sell something, promote or anything else that relates to clients – visitors interaction needs a Help Desk.

A possible solution for you, and free of course, is Help Desk Software. Here at WDB we will be featuring this software and show you how it can help you communicate with your visitors more easy.

A short description:

HESK is basically a PHP/MySQL script that allows webmasters to set up a ticket-based customer support system (a help desk) for their web site and let visitors ask questions, send support tickets, etc.


There are 3 interfaces: Customer, Admin and Knowledge base.

Customer Interface:

  • Submit new tickets
  • Attach files
  • Obtain detailed information from customers with custom fields
  • SPAM prevention
  • Suggest related knowledgebase articles before final ticket submission
  • View and rate staff replies
  • E-mail notifications of staff replies
  • Browse and search knowledgebase
  • See all features!


  • Unlimited knowledgebase articles
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Quick and Easy search capabilities
  • Post attachments to articles
  • Count article views
  • List newest and most popular articles
  • Rate articles
  • See all features!

Administrator/Staff interface:

  • Unlimited administrators and staff accounts
  • Restricted access to some functionalities for certain staff
  • Powerful ticket search ability
  • Assign tickets to staff
  • Manage knowledgebase categories and articles
  • Manage staff accounts
  • Canned responses (pre-written replies)
  • Customize help desk settings
  • Modify your profiles and signatures
  • Autoclose tickets after X days
  • Run reports
  • E-mail notifications of new tickets and replies
  • Customers can easily rate staff replies
  • Easy translation into any language
  • See all features!

Hesk can be easy installed on your server but you can also select a remote hosted help desk offered at only $19.95 / month.

Below you’ll find some screenshots on how Hesk look like:

Hesk Admin Panel

hesk admin panel

Integrated Kknowledgebase


A sample ticket from the customer interface


Remember Hesk is Free and can be downloaded right from here.

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