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EcommerceStarting a ecommerce business isn’t very easy. You’ll need a lot of stuff and that will include first of all a ecommerce script that you will use to power-up your on-line business !

There are two ways of getting a ecommerce website online, either you buy one from a web design agency, either you make your own (which consider knowing a lot of programming and knowledge of php).

The most easy and cheap version is to get a free ecommerce script and install it on your server and start your business in no more that 1 day (all cart setup and more).

I found two nice and easy ecommerce scripts:

  • One is hosted somewhere else than your hosting provider, which will limit you to designing your website as you like (but their themes look fine). Its a simple design but powerful ecommerce script. If you don’t have a domain or a hosting company this is the perfect solution for you to go on-line. They provide you with the pre-installed ecommerce script and a sub-domain name like “”. Here are some examples I’ve made with their software : & Interested in their software and services ? Learn more at
  • The second one is a free ecommerce php script that needs to be installed on your domain and host. Installed softwares have more functions and are more flexible than hosted scripts somewhere else where you can access the php script to modify it to suit your needs. You can see an online demo of this script here.
    If you like it and want it installed on your website download free ecommerce script from here

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  2. yes, I agree with the fact that it is always better to install a free Ecommerce script to begin a Ecommerce business than resorting to other means that are time consuming a money involving.

    Its nice to know about the ecommerce scripts you found.

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