FlashMint Giveaway – Win 5 Professional Flash Templates


Win some amazing flash templates!

Did you saw the templates from the well known FlashMint? Would you like to get a free flash template from FlashMint? Nothing easier. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Post a comment specifying which template you want and why.
  2. Write an entry about this contest on your blog (Usually my blog will track back your entry but if it doesn’t, you can leave the post link in the comments). Make sure that the entry on your blog contains a link back to this contest.

Who will win?

The winners will be selected randomly with a online number generator.

Just like our previous contest (where you can still win $50 to paypal) I will use the random number generator and the first 5 numbers will be the winners (Detailed explanation here)

When is the contest ending?

The contest will be held from 18th March 2009 to 27th March 2009. So hurry and get your free flash template right away.

About FlashMint – The sponsor

FlashMint is the well known Flash Templates provider, more precisely – the leader in the industry.  Delivering the most ingenious design ideas along with the high grade quality and up-to-date tech base FlashMint.com provides perfect solutions for every web presence. Whether it is a business website or online portfolio, personal pages or non profit organization web presence you need a web template for, you’ll be impressed with what FlashMint has to offer you.
FlashMint web templates collection contains hundreds of Flash, Swish, CSS, Flash CMS, Joomla, HTML, osCommerce templates and even WordPress Themes available in a great variety of thematic categories.
Being a constantly evolving company FlashMint develops innovative product lines, Flash CMS v3 and 3D Flash templates are the mere example of FlashMint novelties in web products industry.
Partnering with the most reliable and serviceable companies FlashMint gladly gives you every possible service you may need, making your online life much easier and comfortable.
You’ll also appreciate the most helpful and tech-savvy support team that is always ready to solve any issue you may face.

28 thoughts on “FlashMint Giveaway – Win 5 Professional Flash Templates”

  1. Awesome contest! I’d like to take part.
    I like the template #2358. It’s so cool! I’d love to have it for my photography portfolio.

  2. Oh! Flashmint! I like these guys, I have one pleasant experience with them. I want to participate!
    I’d love to have an item 2348. It’s so fresh and beautiful!

  3. Sounds interesting. I’ll try my luck.
    I want 1796 because it’s osCommerce and looks just great for the new store I plan to launch :)

  4. Template 2207 (flash cms template) is awesome!!! I really like it! Fresh colors and beautiful design!!!

  5. One of the best inspiration for web designing and flash related works. I wanted to thank you really for providing such resources forever, where i use it and all my projects done using this resources you provide are being spoken here @ my hometown.. awesome job.. am very much thankful to you.

    and this contest again inspires me…

    i like the swish template numbered 2348 bcoz it makes me to worry that i have much more to learn in swish itself before going to flash. That template is mindblowing… they have made justice to swish software….

    thank you

  6. I am for the flippbook template
    Item id 2299
    willing to play with it and to see if I can change it ;)

  7. thanks Garcya

    Lingerie store osCommerce template # 1821
    I guess I would be able to launch a great looking web shop

  8. Hello!! I’m very interested in PhotoStudio papervision 3D XML flash Template Item Id: 2358

    I want to learn how flash is working with XML information.
    I’m making a website and I want to include this link in order to share this website with the people.

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