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useridea-screen-1 is a feedback service which can help you understand why some users stop visiting your site, cancel a subscription and never come back. Now you don’t need to place innumerable requests to review your site on forums and get lost in dozens of e-mails. With you’ll get organized feedback and change your website to the better.

Let’s see how it works.
You place a Useridea widget on your website and all dissatisfied users go straight to a special forum where they can add their ideas. Users can also vote for each other’s ideas and comment on them. The most popular suggestions move to the top of the list showing which drawbacks of your project need to be fixed most urgently. Ideas are never repeated, because all of them are first automatically checked and compared.

Soon we are going to introduce new functions that will be available in a special PRO-version of the website. Users of PRO-account will be able to:
–         Place the forum on their domain
–         Use pre- and post-moderation of ideas and comments
–         Ban users according to their username or IP
–         Change the style of a widget in accordance with the style of your website.

These and other functions will cost only 15$ per month and 126$ per year.

The idea of such service is not new. There exist a number of websites of this kind, but does its best to become one of the most convenient and affordable services. Our visitors are welcome to add their suggestions on approving the service in a special forum and the best ideas will be implemented in the nearest future.

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