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Dummy Text Generator


logo blindtextgenerator vector Dummy Text Generator

I’ve got a user request, who sent me an email asking me to write a post about he’s website. After viewing he’s online tool I’ve decided i’ll make the post so here it is:

If you design layouts for web design, print, or whatever you’ll sure need dummy texts. What is a dummy text ? Those “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” that you see on every layout of every template.

Blindtextgenerator.com is an online tool that automatically creates your blind texts with Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet or even more. You have a lot of options available and even more are added after users feedback.

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  • http://www.netlogiq.ro/Web-Design web design love

    Not a very useful tool in web design but its nice to see that people can still be creative.

  • http://eusabia.frih.net Jonne

    i rthink its a nice tool, i need to generate fixed width text everytime, with and without latin signs and counting the lipsun is not my hobbie :P

  • http://mainframe.gr Vang

    I also found this one very useful. Maybe you like it: http://randomtextgenerator.com
    I supports more real languages and the text is a bit more realistic

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    @Vang this is nice, thank you for the share.

  • http://www.dummy-text.com dummy

    Just a simple dummy text generator i made in my spare time. I hope someone finds it useful.


  • http://www.dummy-text.com dummy
  • http://efficientwindturbine.info/ oppocaArora

    Fantastic site=D hope to visit again:)

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