Dream skin

Hey! Was playing this night with Photoshop on a photo of me, and wanted to create a dream like skin, something like star trek :D . Look what came out, after some good hours of work…

Images resized – click for full view

Original image

original image

Modified image – dream like skin

modified image - dream like skin

Feedback ? :)

10 thoughts on “Dream skin”

  1. Man thats crazy…. If only i could download this crap too! haha dreamweaver and photoshop are still not working for me. when i click the link to go to download the filebox page keeps “clicking” and not doing anything.

  2. Hmm let me do something for you.
    I’ll make two available links, one on filebox.ro and one uploaded somewhere else, for non-romanian users.
    I’ll let you guys know when It’s done.

  3. Ok so tell me specifically how to do this so i dont screw it up. It finished downloading. I opened winrar but havent done anything yet. Do i “extract to specified folder” or what? and dont laugh at me. im still new to all this stuff. i just know basics.

  4. I love you soo much(purely platonic) haha. I figured it out. thank you so much. I needed dreamweaver for my class and i cant afford all that money and had used up all my trials. Seriously thank you.

  5. haha your funny. I AM a student (college) not a teacher. I got it all to work but it seems soooo slow. I restarted my computer but the same. Oh well i can handle turtles. Thanks again. Any links like this one for the photoshop. The filebox link isnt working for me for that.

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