Different types of hosting

Though advertisements from different companies have taken the term “web hosting” mainstream, most are surprised to find out there are many different types of web hosting, for different needs. Below, we will discuss three different types.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for “virtual private server” and refers to a term that Internet marketers use to tell customers that their web site is to be hosted with resources dedicated specifically to their website. Though the server being used is actually also being used by other clients, from the perspective of the client, the server acts as if it is a dedicated, separate computer with only one person’s website on it.

Virtual private servers are used by clients who need the resources of a dedicated computer, but do not want to pay for an actual dedicated server. These, of course, cost more. In terms of resources, however, the virtual private server offers considerably more than a fully shared hosting computer.

Multiple Domain Web Hosting

This type of hosting is best for resellers of domains, or people who want to save a couple of dollars by hosting many domains on one account. Usually, a client must buy a different hosting account for each website that the client wants hosted, which can get quite expensive, depending on the number of domains the person owns. Multiple domain web hosting is also good for autobloggers.

Colocation hosting

Colocation is best for clients who can do with no less than their own server. Colocation simply means renting an entire server and just putting it physically in a location owned by someone else, most likely with other unconnected servers. Having an entire server for one’s use is usually beyond the needs of the layman, but offers the greatest flexibility when it comes to resources, control, and administration of one or more domains.

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