Create Google Custom Search for WordPress and make money

google custom searchHello there. Have you ever wanted to earn money with your wordpress search box? I’m sure you did, but did you find the way to it ? I’m sure you have not :)

As you can see on my blog, I have implemented Google Custom Search and Adsense Search so this is two birds with one shot. I also make some revenue with Adsense and also give my readers a more relevant search results.

If you want to learn how to set up a Google Custom Search box with Google Adsense for Search and make the results appear on your blog like a normal page / post read the entire post.

Here are the exact steps needed to successfully set up and integrate Google

14 thoughts on “Create Google Custom Search for WordPress and make money”

  1. The new Overlay option will allow the search results to show up in a nifty Ajax-style overlay but unfortunately only the first 8 search results are displayed and you cannot make money through Adsense for Search.

  2. I might just use this. I’ve been trying to make money from my blog using Adsense and unsurprisingly it hasn’t returned much revenue.

    This is a very clean and precise tutorial, thanks.

  3. Good tutorial. I’ve had no luck with AdSense so perhaps a different approach is necessary. Maybe I just need to work on promoting my blog to get more readers.

  4. Thanks,

    You’ve been a great help. Also add some more information on how to create a blank custom search page and ensure its link isn’t visible on the site, unless you’re searching something via custom search.


    Hardeep Singh

  5. Can anyone recommend some books on making money on the internet. I am a web developer but the work can be pretty slow sometimes, could do with another revenue.


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