Contest – Win $50 – Just like that

contest - win 50 dollars

The first ever contest run and sponsored by Web Design Blog itself gives you the opportunity to sit in your chair and win $50 on your PayPal account – just like that.

What’s the catch ?

No catch – you can win $50 as easy as you breath.

What do I need to do to win the cash ?

  1. Subscribe to Web Design Blog feed with your email – It’s free
  2. Post a comment saying that you’ve subscribed, using the email you’ve subscribed to the feed.

Who will win ?

Each comment will receive a number when posted. (Ex: First comment gets #1, second comment gets #2, and so on)

All the number will be added to a random number generator. For example if we have 30 comments, the program asks from what number to what number to generate the results so I’ll add from 1 to 30.

Then the program will automatically list, at a random selection, all the numbers from 1 to 30. See example.

Practically the winner will be the #1 number shown by the program.

How long will the contest run?

I currently have 2806 feed readers, the contest will end when the feed count reaches 3500 feed readers, or until 30th of November.

Want the contest to end quick and get the cash? Subscribe to the feed with your email and after that leave a comment.

Rules? – Of course ;)

  1. You need to have a valid paypal account.
  2. You must comment with the email you’ve used to subscribe to the feed.
  3. If you win but you are not subscribed via email to the feed, #2 will take the money.
  4. IMPORTANT – you must subscribe with the email to this link so that I can identify you. Feedburner only shows email subscribers, I can’t track if you are subscribed in your favorite feed reader.

Good luck!

50 thoughts on “Contest – Win $50 – Just like that”

  1. When it is about contests, i am always happy to participate.So if it is to win i will be more glad, if not, … the competition is everything.

    Good luck to all

  2. Sorry for the delay, we have a winner.
    The number generated by the random number generator is: 22. (See results)
    Commenter with the #22 wins $50.
    Please email me your paypal account where you want the money.
    PS: you need to send the request with the email you’ve subscribed to the feed and email you’ve commented here.
    Thank you.
    No luck? Try our other contest

  3. what uppper lady and gen. cool let see whos the winner for this stuff, nice tho… lilke this website

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