Comments not showing

Hey! Two days ago I’ve discovered that I’m having a problem with my comments. They are all messed up. At some posts i get comments from another post :O thats weird.
The ping-backs are showing, only the comments are not.
To see my point : If you check you can see that i have 69 comments but the page is showing 3 comments from “How To Build Wealth With Credit Cards” but on that post there are no comments :O .
So until I fix this there isn’t any blog feedback possible. I CAN READ your comments through my admin panel and I can reply by email but thats all. You will not see your comments here until I fix this error. Anyway if you have any suggestions, requests, feedback or other stuff like that, please I encourage you to post a comment. I will respond :)
If you can help me through this I will really really appreciate it. Also I will post it so that others with the same problem can fix this bug or whatever this is, because I saw MANY posts on without answers to this problem.

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