Changed LGM Logo and Intro

I’ve been telling you guys about a new client,, if a earlier post. I’ve just changed the logo to a more simple and “corporate” one. I’ve also added the logo to the temporary welcome intro page that will be online until the website is complete. Let me have your feedback.

1 thought on “Changed LGM Logo and Intro”

  1. It’s not bad, and a bit simpler, but it’s neither simple nor corporate. There are also a lot of potential problems with it; the flares will not be visible in a black on white version (business cards, letterhead) and more importantly, you seem to have changed the name of the company. When looking at your logo, the company name seems to be Eutronic LGM whereas the old one represented the name in the proper order, LGM first. This is a problem when it comes to branding.

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