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22 Sites for Free Graphics Design Tutorials

22 Sites for Free Graphics Design Tutorials ThatIndieDude compiled a awesome list of 22 tutorial sites for graphics design that you CAN’T MISS. You can subscribe to all the sites listed there, they all provide free tutorials for graphic design that will come in handy some times. Check out 22 tutorial sites for graphics design and let me know what’s the best of them, who do you prefer as a tutorial...

Social Bookmarking Script for WordPress

Social Bookmarking Script for WordPress I’ve seen this social bookmarking style on techkeyla and I’ve wanted to have here, on my blog also. After a quick inspection to his blog, who also runs wordpress like I do, I saw that he used a direct script, not a wordpress plugin. I’ve done a little research about the script that gets the url where the user is currently on when submitting your page to a social bookmark and place it on...

Place a login form in wordpress sidebar

Hello. We all know that logging in to WordPress will take you to a different page, different looking, with a wordpress logo on top, etc. What would you say if you could skip this ? How ? By placing a login form right into your sidebar. It’s very simple, you don’t need to code anything, all the code can be found here. You can even see a demo of the code on a client project – www.tperj.ro...

Free Secret Illustrator Tutorials

Free Secret Illustrator Tutorials Adobe Illustrator is one of the most complete design tool where you can always say that when you know more you figure it out that you know so less. There is always room for tutorials who teach you how to master this awesome tool. Tony’s blog, Istockdiary is providing secret tutorials and techniques for it’s readers, tips and tricks and some freebies to. At Istockdiary you’ll find...

Create Google Custom Search for WordPress and make money

Create Google Custom Search for WordPress and make money Hello there. Have you ever wanted to earn money with your wordpress search box? I’m sure you did, but did you find the way to it ? I’m sure you have not :) As you can see on my blog, I have implemented Google Custom Search and Adsense Search so this is two birds with one shot. I also make some revenue with Adsense and also give my readers a more relevant search results. If you want to learn how...

How to create Swirls in Illustrator & Photoshop

How to create Swirls in Illustrator & Photoshop Digging around I’ve found one of the most complete website that teaches you how to create swirls in Illustrator & Photoshop. There is not just one way to do it, and the author proves that and shows you step by step how to master Illustrator and create very cool swirls. Visit abduzeedo‘s blog right now and start...

What is a Gravatar ?

What is a Gravatar ? You’ve probably heard about it, or maybe not, either way here’s some info about “a Gravatar”. So what’s a Gravatar ? A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an 80

Ice Dream Team

Ice Dream Team Hey! I was working in the past 5 hours on a personal project, for me and my team from the ice skate park where I work as a day job. I wanted to create a film like poster with me and my colleagues from work. So after some photoshop modifications, I’ve cropped 5 images, that where me, and 4 of my friends. I’ve cropped only our faces, because for this project this was the only thing that I needed....

Photo planet

Learn how to create one of those cool photo planets in Photoshop!

Left right click gallery

Left right click gallery Information Another simple demonstration of a left/right scrolling thumbnail selector using just a simple javascript routine to manipulate the styling. Features Has a default image. Can have descriptive text. Can be expanded to have as many images as you like. Images can be any size. The full size images will be centered horizontally and vertically without specifying the image size. The left/right arrows...

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