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Open source web development software

Open source web development software Just found a big list of open source web development software that I want to share with you guys that like free stuff. Of course commercial software are great but that doesn’t mean that open source software can’t be the same, you just need to find the right product for you! Aptana 0.2.7 Aptana is an html/javascript editor, however, it does not provide any wysiwyg feature – but it...

SimpleViewer – Flash image viewing application

SimpleViewer – Flash image viewing application SimpleViewer is a free, customizable Flash image viewing application. Demos: SimpleViewer Demo 1 – Hi-Res images SimpleViewer Demo 2 – Lo-Res images Download: Download SimpleViewer v1.8 (zip file – 43k) to use on your site. Simpleviewer is easily customizable to display your images (see instructions below). Note: Some of the gallery generation methods are not yet compatible with...

Advanced Business Card Maker

Advanced Business Card Maker Use our Advanced Business Card Maker software to design the prefect business card your business deserves. With easy-to-use design tools, ability to import your logo image, this design software will become your best friend. Key notes * Quick and Easy Design: Select and draw shapes and text. Resize, tilt, change color, fill with gradient color or do anything with your design elements. * Use templates and...


Songbird Songbird is a desktop media player mashed-up with the Web. That means that you can also browse the internet with Songbird, that’s built on the firefox platform. Songbird is a player and a platform. Like Firefox, Songbird is an open source, Open Web project built on the Mozilla platform. Songbird provides a public playground for Web media mash-ups by providing developers with both desktop and Web...

Online web form creator

Online web form creator You’ve spent hours designing and implementing your form in PhotoShop, Illustrator, ImageReady, FreeHand, FireWorks, DreamWeaver (etc.) and it’s shiny and looks gorgeous. But unless you send it to a developer or learn PHP, it will remain useless forever. Don’t worry. WFF is there to help you. There are 6 steps to follow: Generate form from… Chose your form type… Chose your...

7-zip archiver

7-zip archiver 7-zip is a powerful file archiver with a high compression ratio. I will use 7-zip archiver for the files that are larger than 300 mb and compressed with winrar / winzip makes a file over 100 mb that cannot be uploaded to the file hosting server. 7-Zip is open source software. Download 7-zip now (MAC and Windows...

Compare fonts for the screen

Compare fonts for the screen Typetester is the perfect website where you can test your fonts, compare them, see what font is looking better in a browser. You have the option of comparing 3 type of fonts, and compare them in regular style, bold style and italic style. Simple as 1,2,3 :) You can also select the font size, leading, tracking, alignment, word spacing and more. Visit typetester and start comparing fonts...

WritetoMyBlog – Easy Posting to WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and MovableType

WritetoMyBlog – Easy Posting to WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and MovableType WriteToMyBlog is a neat little tool that’s suddenly getting a lot of attention. Simply designed and intuitive, the service lets you create a post using the rich-text interface and post to multiple blogs or view and edit previous posts. Just write your post and enter your username and password for your WordPress, WordPress.com, Blogger, TypePad or MovableType blog – WriteToMyBlog then uses your...

15 Ways To Create Website Screenshots

15 Ways To Create Website Screenshots Taking screenshots of web sites is probably one of the most commonly done tasks on the internet – doubly so if you have a blog or work as a web designer. My pick from the list that will follow is Save as image – an aptly named Firefox plugin that lets you save a page, frame, or part of either as an image directly from Firefox. After you install it on Firefox it will make a link after you...

Norton Ghost 2003 Free Download

Norton Ghost 2003 Free Download Are you tired of installing all your software and design tool all over again, and again when you have to re-install your windows ? May you got a nasty virus, and have to re-install. Nothing is worst than this, been a web designer and having A LOT of software installed on your PC, the windows re-installation is your nightmare :) I’m using Norton Ghost for a while, and it helped me a lot, at least...

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