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DJ Icons

DJ Icons Big collection of PNG DJ Icons at 128 x 128 px resolution containing: Cartridges Flight Cases Headphones Live Sound Misc Mixers Slipmats Turntables You can download and use these icons both for personal and commercial use. Just be sure to link back to our blog in case it’s for commercial use. Preview and download links are...

Clipart Alcohol Beverages in Multilayer PSD Format

Clipart Alcohol Beverages in Multilayer PSD Format Hey guys, today’s pack ain’t a vector pack…but a PSD file with lots of alcohol in it! I know none of you like alcohol or endorse the consumption of it, but still a lot of projects require adding a drink or two, so here to help…as usual is WDB!Check out the picture in the gallery below, but to see the drinks better you should get the pack, in there u can see the PSD file at...

9 Photoshop PAT Stripes Free Patterns

9 Photoshop PAT Stripes Free Patterns Photoshop patterns are very used and WDB is sure these 9 wonderful and free stripe patterns will help you create great designs. You will get in this pack one single PAT file with all the 9 Photoshop Patterns. Follow @Garcya on twitter to receive more patterns! Download links at the end of the...

6 Black And White Vintage Patterns

6 Black And White Vintage Patterns Vintage backgrounds at super high quality and resolution. You will find 6 beautiful designed png vintage patterns at 3600×3600 px. All the patterns are for personal use only! Remember to follow @Garcya on twitter to stay close with WDB’s updates. You can download all the images in one single zip file that is quite big: 165 mb. You can purchase a direct download link here. Download from...

Human Creativity Light Bullbs and Aerograph

Human Creativity Light Bullbs and Aerograph It’s not rarely that human nature impresses us, creativity is one of man’s best attributes! You can see what i mean in these images, old light bulbs catch life in a totally unexpected form…also notice the amazing aerograph drawings on the cars and such… So take a break, take some time to enjoy these pictures… If you want to download the whole pack, links are...

Circuit Board Free Patterns 3872 × 2592

Circuit Board Free Patterns 3872 × 2592 Hey there WDB readers, we’ll take a small break from Christmas stuff to bring you these patterns from circuit boards, so if you have anything to do related to electronics, computers or whatever else fits this is the right pack for you. Give your project a bit of a helping hand with these patterns that are real life pictures from intricate circuit boards… You will get a pack of 5 JPG files of...

220 Amazing Pencil Drawings

220 Amazing Pencil Drawings Hello WDB readers, this time we have put together for you a great pack of amazing pencil drawings. There’s 220 images from 5 artists for you to look and marvel at…most o them are too realistic to believe that they are drawn with pencils but believe it or not…here it is! There are quite a few celebrities in the pack so that’s a nice plus cause you can compare to the real deal. You...

13 Super Mountain Panoramas 12554 x 2509

13 Super Mountain Panoramas 12554 x 2509 Web Design Blog brings you a great pack of panoramic images to wash your eyes out with! These breathtaking pictures will make you fell as if you were there, specially if you have a dual display on your desk and spread them out nicely. You will get 13 JPG images in the archive, or if you want just one of them you can choose from the gallery (the pictures from the gallery are reduced in size so if you want...

114 Humor Photoshopped Images

114 Humor Photoshopped Images This time Web Design Blog brings you a reason to smile or wonder.We bring to you a big pack of Photoshopped images, 114 photos to be exact, all JPG format. Whether you want just one or all of them, choose from the gallery below or just download the whole pack from the link at the...

81 Amazing Desktop Wallpapers

81 Amazing Desktop Wallpapers Whether you like your wallpaper to show a nice girl, a great car, a nice landscape, a cute animal or anything else you can find them all here in this great pack of pictures. There’s pictures that come in sizes ranging from 1280×1024 to 3000×2000. You can have them all clicking the link at the bottom or you can just pick one from the gallery...

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