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Learn how to combine body parts with Photoshop

Learn how to combine body parts with Photoshop In this awesome photoshop video tutorial you’ll learn how to combine body parts, you’ll learn how to create those cool images you saw on the net with britney spears naked and other fun photos. In this tutorial we’ll mix up the legs of a guy, the body of a beautiful woman and the head of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here’s the guy we are using And the girl… and of course...

How to make a better impression with Photoshop

How to make a better impression with Photoshop Today we’ll learn how to turn an ordinary logo into a stunning logo by making a better impression using Photoshop. The process itself is a little more difficult but can be easy made if you follow step by step with this awesome tutorial. Here’s the image we’ll be using, The USA official seal. See how this logo will look after you’ve done with the tutorial. Here’s the final...

Ageeing Process Photoshop Video Tutorial

Ageeing Process Photoshop Video Tutorial This awesome tutorial will teach you how to make a person from it’s 20thees look like a old person. This is the image before the ageeing process: You can see, the girls really cute right? Here’s the girl after the ageeing process: Do you still wanna get out with this old lady ? :) Watch the video tutorial below and learn how to make people look...

How to create animations in Photoshop

This video tutorial will teach you how simple it is to make a animation with Photoshop using frames. For more upcoming photoshop video tutorials, please subscribe for...

How to add beard to a face in Photoshop

Photoshop is common for how easy you can manipulate photos, place people somewhere else where the photo was taken, add a face to other persons body and many many more. Today, exclusively on Web Design Blog we’ll show you how to add beard to anyones face, it doesn’t matter if it’s a girl, or your best friend. This video tutorial will show you how easy it can be done in just a few minutes...

How to use Folds and Wrinkles in Photoshop

Want to learn how to create a awesome banner with a cool 3d effect on Photoshop? Nothing more easy, watch this tutorial, exclusive on Web Design Blog and see how to use folds and wrinkles to create a unique 3d effect on a banner or possibly on a flag. PS: Be patience with the video loading, it might take some time to buffer but it will work just fine. How to use Folds and Wrinkles from Garcya on Vimeo. Let...

Photoshop Top Secret Tutorials

Very nice ad for Photoshop Top Secret Tutorials… I’ve been looking at their website and found that their tutorials are very useful. They will be soon available to watch here at Web Design Blog. Would you like that ? Leave a...

Sin City Comic Book Style

This is the video version of the tutorial I’ve presented you in a last post about creating a Sin City style image with Photoshop. This is also created with photoshop, but for most users seeing it done is easier than reading a tutorial. What do you think...

Masking in Adobe Illustrator

Learn all about masking and create two effects in this...

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