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Photoshop cut-out pops out of the frame

Photoshop cut-out pops out of the frame This is actually a fairly simple task — although many of the Photoshop authors make it seem more difficult than it really is. Using logic, the portion of the image to be popped out of the frame must be separated from the original image and raised to a higher level, in front of the frame, while leaving the original photo in tact. This technique works in any image software which has layers. 1. Cut out...

How To Create A Favicon In Photoshop

How To Create A Favicon In Photoshop A Favicon is a little custom icon that appears next to a website’s URL in the address bar of a web browser. And when I say little, I mean 16 pixels by 16 pixels. So if you like a good design challenge try your hand at this one. All you need to add a Favicon to your site is a Windows Icon (.ico) file called favicon.ico that you upload to the main directory of your website. Download The Plugin ...

How to design a logo of letters

Companies of every kind sign their names with linked letters called ligatures. Ligature means to tie. Ligatures makes excellent business signatures. They’re handsome, simple and compact, and they’re fun too – we all have initials! Some letters link in one typeface but not another. Others link in upper but not in lower. In this tutorial you will find the way to get your letters pair...

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design The ten most egregious offenses against users. Web design disasters and HTML horrors are legion, though many usability atrocities are less common than they used to be. 1. Bad Search Overly literal search engines reduce usability in that they’re unable to handle typos, plurals, hyphens, and other variants of the query terms. Such search engines are particularly difficult for elderly users, but they...

Halftone Background

Halftone Background An article for creating Halftone Background using Adobe Illustrator makes quite an impression here. In nine steps the author shows you how to do a very good graphics project. Simple to follow, easy to understand with screenshots and texts. Software : Type : Illustrator Tutorial Level : Beginner Using both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop together can produce some original designs. I’ll...

Shrink your LONG url

If you are working with referrals you probably want to shrink your long referral url into something very small and “eye catching”. Most users won’t click your link if they see your referral ID placed there and will simply cut out your referral ID and go to the normal website, so there goes bye bye your hard work into promoting your referral page. The best way is to hide completely your...

Sin City Style – Photoshop Tutorial

Sin City Style – Photoshop Tutorial Reduced: 48% of original size [ 1049 x 4080 ] – Click for full...

Photoshop Lasso Tool – Easy way to tracing

Photoshop Lasso Tool – Easy way to tracing Hi, now I wanna share a technique of tracing in Adobe Photoshop. I would like stress on concentracing more on about lighting and shadow. If you understand these two concepts properly, undoubtly you will face no problem to start on tracing technique. steps (read the full article to start reading the tutorial) steps 1. First, get a photo and scan it by a big resolution, about 300-600dpi. For this picture,...

What’s behind the great designs?

What’s behind the great designs? With a title like this you probably expect answers to a lot of secrets here, right? Well, I don’t know if there really are any secrets left in this business. However, I’ll do my best to show you quite a lot of stuff that is very useful to know if you are designing/creating a website, professionally as well as for fun. What’s behind all the great designs then??? Well, this can be summed up...

Tutorial: Raster and vector collide

Tutorial: Raster and vector collide Creating eye-catching imagery for print can be a balancing act between the two distinct worlds of computer-based design. Get explosive results in Photoshop… The strengths and weaknesses of vector and raster graphics have long been apparent: vector is known for its clean lines and resolution-independent scalability whereas raster has a more photographic nature. Although vector graphics are particularly...

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