Celebrity Portraits – Singers by Danny Clinch

Celebrity Portraits - Singers by Danny Clinch

Time to visit another great artist, this time it`s Danny Clinch…a great photographer from which we bring you a pack of great photos with singers in different situations…

Take a look at the pics in the gallery below and maybe visit Danny’s home page and look at more of them.

Creativity Drawings by Heise Jinyao

Creativity Drawings by Heise Jinyao

Great design comes from unexpected people, there are a lot of people in the world that are really good at drawing/design and so on, we try to bring you a small part of them to your attention.Today we are featuring Heise Jinyao who apparently has something with Asian cartoon characters…fantasy…and apparently mostly men, nonetheless they are fantastic, perfectly drawn and creates a certain illusion of  motion…or emotion

25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

The environments in which we work can have a profound influence on our productivity and creativity. As many more of us work in an officier situation, often at home, the designs of our workstations becomes increasingly important. This post brings together 25 examples of awesomely cool office designs, setups chosen to amaze and inspire.