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What’s your favorite blog monetization?

[poll=4] Have you ever had a problem with Google Adsense ? Did they removed your account? suspended it?Well there are a lot of other adsense like alternatives, you just need to try them out and see witch one suits you best. For this post I want to see what other people use for monetizing their blog / website. I’m curious but I feel like I already know the answer, and thats Google Adsense :) . Well...

New design for Web Design Blog

[poll=3] Hey guys! Just finished with my new design for this blog, what do you say? Did you prefer the old design ? Please vote on the poll for this post. I’ve decided to change the design because I was bored with the last one, and I get bored real fast :) Stay close and read the next posts because they will include some cool new vector graphics. Have...

Photoshop filters

Filters are plugins which can be used in dozens of different image editing appliations e.g. Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint and many many other. It includes 55 effect filters, a Random button, options for saving and opening presets and a instant preview feature.How to use these filters: On Adobe Photoshop make sure you installed or copied the 8bf files into the “Plugins” or...

Comments not showing

Hey! Two days ago I’ve discovered that I’m having a problem with my comments. They are all messed up. At some posts i get comments from another post :O thats weird. The ping-backs are showing, only the comments are not. To see my point : If you check http://www.Garcya.us/blog/free-vector-graphics/ you can see that i have 69 comments but the page is showing 3 comments from “How To Build...

TAG: Whats your favorite web design tool?

[poll=2] Hey guys! I’m just curious what you guys use to develop your web design projects, web sites, graphic images, or maybe some flash stuff. To be more interesting and find out what other readers from other blog authors use I’ll make this post a “tag” post. So I’ll pass the tag randomly to smileycat web design blog (have no idea if it will be passed further) . What does...

New Gmail Spam

New Gmail Spam Hey! This isn’t any web design / free vector graphics related post but a very important post for everyone that uses gmail and google adsense of course.Today I’ve received an interesting email from “Google” . I’ve quoted Google because the truth is that the email received was a spam that wanted to get my gmail password and with that my google adsense account. I knew that...

Problem with IE 6 – Menu items not showing

Since I’m a firefox user I didn’t realize until now that in fucking IE 6 all my menu items are not showing :( There is a totally different view of Web Design Blog with Firefox. You can see the menu items in the right top corner of the blog theme, the text with “Get firefox…” isn’t showing in Firefox of course, png images have NO gray background, geeez IE sure is like...

Hosting problem

Well I’m sorry to let you know but some of you probably just informed mediafire that I host there illegal files and so on. Considering that they deleted my account, including all the files and all the links that are now currently on the blog are not working! I will try to re-upload all the files to a different location and update the links on the blog. This will take some time that I don’t...

Back from vacancy

Hey guys, long time no see. I’ve just got back from my vacancy on Greece. I’ve been hanging around Paralia Katerini, a beach situated north of Olimp mountain. Very nice place, worth visiting some time if you are from Europe and you like the sea. Anyway since I haven’t wrote anything I will start by posting something about a portable Dreamweaver CS 3 that will be available for download.


So wondering why I haven’t post anything? I’m out on a short vacancy, so I can’t post any new vector graphics, tutorials or something else. I will be back shortly with some more vector graphics so stay tuned. Until then check out the other free vector graphics that can be downloaded or maybe you need some free...

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