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The most downloaded free Mac Apps for 2008

The most downloaded free Mac Apps for 2008 If you’re a Mac user you should try this list of free Mac Apps that had the most downloads and were the most used in 2008. The list can be found here. What’s your favorite Mac Application or Most Used Application ? I personally use iTunes, Firefox, iMail, iChat, Twitterrific, Taco HTML Edit, RSUploaderX, Photoshop, Forklift, Yahoo Messenger, Flickr Uploadr, ShakesPeer, VLC and many...

Balance – A fun game for Mac

Balance – A fun game for Mac Bored with your Mac or need to play a cool game? Balance is a PC/Mac puzzle labyrinth game which test your skills of precise mouse control as you tilt a play field to guide balls to multiple targets through increasingly difficult 3D obstacle courses. And this is not all, since your Mac laptop comes with motion sensors you can play this game holding your laptop in hands and move it slightly to control the...

Macworld Magazine – December 2008

Macworld Magazine – December 2008 Macworld is a web site and monthly computer magazine dedicated to Apple Macintosh products. It is published by Mac Publishing, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California. This is the release for December 2008 – download here 144 Pages in PDF format – 20...

Google Chrome for Mac

Google Chrome for Mac As you may know there isn’t a Google Chrome version for Mac and Linux users but if you really want to see Chrome in action on your Mac there is a easy way. Yes, you don’t need to install Windows with BootCamp, you don’t need CrossOver or any other application that helps you run windows software, there is a direct dmg file that will install Google Chrome on your Mac. The program is called...

Create screen recording on your Mac

Create screen recording on your Mac I personally use ScreenFlow for screen recording, when I write a tutorial or when I want to share something from my Mac. It’s a very powerful app for Mac, and it does much more than just recording your screen activity. See the presentation video on screenflow website. I’ve also used ScreenFlow to record the latest tutorial, where you can learn how to combine body parts using Photoshop, cool...

How to make your Mac read text for you

If you’re tired reading, or you’ve been a long time at the computer and your eyes hurt you’ll find convenient to sit back and relax and let your MacBook (or any mac powered pc) to read the selected text for you out loud. How does it work? You can make your mac read any text from anywhere. Even if it’s online on your favorite blog, or offline on your local hard as a PDF book or...

How to clean your Mighty Mouse

Since I own my MacBook this is the second time the “Mighty” Mouse has problems with the “steering” wheal (the scroll, of course). The first time, the scroll stopped working and I couldn’t scroll either down or up, but last time the problem was solved quickly by adding pressure to the scroll bar and then clean it. This time was completely different, the scroll bar stopped...

Free Reminder Widget 2.0 for Mac

Free Reminder Widget 2.0 for Mac I personally use this cool reminder as a widget on my Mac and I love it. I use it to remind me when the banners expire on my blog, to remind me when to call someone, or if I have a meeting or something like that. But Reminder is not just that, when you add a reminder it automatically place a new event in...

ForkLift – FTP / File Manager for Mac

ForkLift – FTP / File Manager for Mac I’ve been telling you guys some months ago that I use DiskOrder for Mac as an alternative to Total Commander for Windows. It works fine, it’s just like Total Commander but it’s quite annoying that every time I try to connect to a ftp session it first crashes 1 up to 3 times, then it works, strange. Don’t know if I’m the only one getting this errors but hey, I’ve found...

Total Commander alternative for Mac

Total Commander alternative for Mac If you switched from Windows to Mac and on Win you’ve used Total Commander you probably are looking for a similar program on Mac. The answer for you is Disk Order, a very nice program that has the similar look and does the same things like Total Commander on Win, probably even more. The things that I like at Disk Order is that you can compress and decompress .rar files on Mac. To decompress .rar...

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