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Need Total Commander for Mac OSX? Disk Order is for you!

Need Total Commander for Mac OSX? Disk Order is for you!   If you ever used Total Commander on PC you’ve probably remembered it forever. Even today sometimes you might regret that those file management principles are not used in standard OS X applications. In the resemblance of the legendary file manager was created Disk Order for OS X. The same double pane look, the same key combinations and the same simple but yet practical interface. Double paned...

Watermark tool for Mac with batch edit

Watermark tool for Mac with batch edit If you’re looking how to add watermark to your images in bulk / batch edit on your Mac I have to suggest you to use ResizeMe. It has a lot more features, but I’m personally using it to add watermarks to my images. Since I have a lot of images, ready for upload to WDB, this tool is perfect for my mac. It saves me a lot of time and it’s very easy to use. There’s even a small tutorial...

How to change the default screenshot format on Mac OSX

By default your Mac captures the screenshot as a PNG file. If you would like to change the PNG to a JPG format follow the simple steps bellow: Open Terminal Write: defaults write com.apple.screencapture type jpg Write: killall SystemUIServer (for the changes to take effect) Done! Your Mac now captures the screen in jpg format. PS: you can use a different format instead of “jpg”. Works with...

Renamer v4.0 for Mac OSX

Renamer v4.0 for Mac OSX If you’re working with a large number of files that you will upload to the web, like photos for example, you’ll probably need a tool for mac that can batch rename your files with your url or signature in the file name for copyright purpose. Renamer 4.0 for mac does exactly that, and a lot more. Renamer allows you to rename and number many files at once. If you’ve every tried to rename a...

URL shortner widget for Mac OS X

URL shortner widget for Mac OS X If you’re in the blogging business a url shortner is crucial for you. I know most Twitter clients are shortening your url directly, but its even cooler if you can chose your own custom name at the end of the link. Bt.gd is one of the many services out there for shortening links, but this has a Mac OS X dashboard widget. Easily shorten lengthy links directly from your Dashboard hassle free. The...

Monopoly Here & Now Edition for Mac

Monopoly Here & Now Edition for Mac Good Mac Games aren’t that easy to find if you’re new with the Mac OS. I’ll be posting here on WDB all the games that I have on my mac. I have to admit that I didn’t played any of these for a looong time, especially after the xbox 360 came in the house. Today’s game is Monopoly Here & Now Edition, the classic, all time favorite game! Download from rapidshare.com Download...

Download videos from youtube on your Mac with MacTubes

Download videos from youtube on your Mac with MacTubes I’ve been searching for a app that will let me download videos from youtube on my mac, because I needed a video for a contest. MacTubes is the perfect app for this. MacTubes will let you search for the videos, play them and of course download them. You can download MacTubes v 2.4 here, and start playing with...

How to use your MacBook with the lid CLOSED

If you want to use your MacBook with another display, or want to use it with your LCD TV to see a movie, you probably want to close the lid to your MacBook. I’ve recently acquired a 22″ LCD monitor and I’ve connected my MacBook to it with a Mini DVI to DVI adapter. After you connect your MacBook to your LCD, go to System Preferences, Displays, and select the Mirror Display mode. Plugin...

mIRC Client for Mac OSX

mIRC Client for Mac OSX Colloquy is the perfect mIRC alternative for Mac OSX. If you’re on the internet for a long time, I’m sure you’ve used mIRC. You can download Colloquy for free and use it right now or use it on your...

How to make Safari open urls in new Tab instead of New Window

How to make Safari open urls in new Tab instead of New Window I’ve used Firefox until now, even when I was on a Windows machine, but after a while you feel like Firefox is not moving that fast as it use to. This is maybe because it’s fully loaded with plugins / addons and other stuff that makes Firefox great. Since I’m on a Mac, Safari comes built in and believe me, Safari is much faster than Firefox and has his advantages and disadvantages. If...

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