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To Flash or Not – Let Your Website Decide

To Flash or Not – Let Your Website Decide Adobe’s Flash was in the news recently for all the wrong reasons – the launch of Apple’s iPad saw a barrage of criticism directed towards Steve Jobs’ company for its failure to include Flash in the gadget, but Apple seemed to think the application was no great shakes. In the world of web design however, Flash is an all-important tool that holds immense potential. It allows designers to control...

A Crash Course on Web Design Education Online: Four Basic Tips

A Crash Course on Web Design Education Online: Four Basic Tips Whether you are only just beginning an interest in web design or you’ve been at it for several years, there is always value in seeking continued education, such that you’ll be informed on the latest trends in the constantly changing world of the Web. While many will go the brick-and-mortar, traditional university route, pursuing an online degree as a web designer may make more sense for you....

3 Key Components of Successful Web Designs

3 Key Components of Successful Web Designs It’s a job that came into existence just a few decades ago; its genesis and growth correspond to that of the Internet, and with the virtual world literally exploding into every aspect of our lives, we designers are in great demand today. It’s not a job for everyone – you may be creative and know how to do a little graphic design, but a comprehensive and successful web design involves more than just...

12 Apps Every Windows Designer Should Have In Their Taskbar

12 Apps Every Windows Designer Should Have In Their Taskbar Designers have a lot of pressure on them to produce the best looking projects in as short an amount of time as possible. As part of your daily routine, you need to have the best tools at your disposal to make development fast and efficient. Rather than downloading and trialling lots of different programs, pick from this selection of apps that every Windows designer should have in their taskbar. 1....

Why Flash has Become an Essential Component of Web Design

Why Flash has Become an Essential Component of Web Design Flash has remained an integral part of web design since its first foundations in the mid-1990s along with the subsequent rise in internet usage.  Once Macromedia acquired the software in 1996, the company took off with this innovative development, combining the previous FutureWave and FutureSplash into the present-day Flash, which has transformed web development and its design ever since.  Websites...

Web Hosting Search

Yes, happy holidays from the folks at Web Hosting Search and especially to the guy behind Garcya.us/blog. We hope all of you had a wonderful year and are enjoying the holiday season, lots of food, great deals, and awesome presents. Mmmmm…foood. Okay my mind derails. And speaking of deals, for all you super tramps on the journey in finding web hosting, here’s a heads-up. We are offering a special with...

Designing Profits – The Website Way

The Internet has increased exponentially the number of businesses that you can start from the comfort of your home. But just because you have the skills necessary to get the job done, it’s not a given that you have the business acumen needed to make a financial success of your venture. For all those web designers out there who are looking to make more than a buck or two with the talent you know you...

Pixey.de – A Design Blog

Pixey.de – A Design Blog www.pixey.de its a daily design resource blog which present a lot of stuff for creative people. Now in Christmas time they offer on every Sunday a free Goodies. Today they posted 156 web 2.0 gradients for photoshop for freee! ;) Just have a look!...

Photoshop Experiment – Ashley Reynoso

Photoshop Experiment – Ashley Reynoso The first submission from one of my readers Ashley Reynoso. She called this “a half cat and half person”. From Ashley: ” This is a photo of myself that I took and turned myself into a half cat and half person sorta thing. I put the before and after. Ashley yah i know its cheesy i was just bored :P” Original image Edited...

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