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Top 10 Examples for Logo’s Showing Symmetry Design

Top 10 Examples for Logo’s Showing Symmetry Design When it comes to designing of a logo, there are absolutely no rules and the sky is the limit. It is imperative however that the logo registers itself into the viewers memory and creates a lasting impression. It should also associate with the vision of the owning company. The symmetrical logo, like the one we see for Sun Microsystems ( an ambigram that reads ‘Sun’ from all four directions),...

Joomla Mobile Extensions that Every Developer Must Have

Joomla Mobile Extensions that Every Developer Must Have Joomla CMS being an honorable and successful open source project has already proved its competitive capacity. Joomla stays in the list of top 3 most popular CMS software platforms. Of course WordPress and Drupal have their own advantages and disadvantages as well as Joomla. Mobile design has become the most significant web design trend in 2011 and now it is not going to stop its victorious march around the...

21 Sleek and Sharp Fashion Designer Logos

21 Sleek and Sharp Fashion Designer Logos Showcasing today are a small range of the world’s most renown and luxurious fashion house brands. The logos are mainly typography but at the same time every single logo gives a different distinction and expresses the label along with the designers involved. Take a look at our selection of what I think are the world’s best 21 sleek yet sharp fashion logos. 1. Louis Vuitton 2. HUGO BOSS 3....

3 Social Vector Icons: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

3 Social Vector Icons: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn These beautiful social bookmark icons, for twitter, linkedin and facebook are in EPS format and were provided / designed by @alexthegreen. All icons are in separated EPS files available for download for free! Download links are available at the end of the article. You can follow @Garcya on twitter for the updates! Download from DropBox If you want direct downloads and commercial license read below! -...

25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups The environments in which we work can have a profound influence on our productivity and creativity. As many more of us work in an officier situation, often at home, the designs of our workstations becomes increasingly important. This post brings together 25 examples of awesomely cool office designs, setups chosen to amaze and inspire. 1. Levine Residence by Jeremy Levine This is architect Jeremy...

25 Inspiring Flyer Designs

25 Inspiring Flyer Designs Flyer designs for clubs, concerts, art events and such like are at the cutting edge of graphic design. For a flyer to be successful it is necessary that the design is eye-catching enough to grab the attention of the target audience, reflects the style of the event it is advertising, and the layout must contain all the important information whilst maintaining a high level of aesthetic quality. Balancing...

Different types of hosting

Different types of hosting Though advertisements from different companies have taken the term “web hosting” mainstream, most are surprised to find out there are many different types of web hosting, for different needs. Below, we will discuss three different types. VPS Hosting VPS stands for “virtual private server” and refers to a term that Internet marketers use to tell customers that their web site is to be...

5 Great Web Based Recruitment Videos

5 Great Web Based Recruitment Videos In todays online market, design companies are forever expanding to meet the demands of their clients. Therefore new routes in recruitment into previously unseen sectors such as online video. Today many companies advertising employment vacancies are offering a visual insight into the company to prospective future employees to help give the employee a chance to see if the advertised company is right for them...

Roundup of 20 Super Impressive Bedroom Offices

Roundup of 20 Super Impressive Bedroom Offices A Roundup of 20 Super Impressive Bedroom Offices If you are on the search for the perfect home office arrangement, look no further. Here are twenty impressive ideas which range from the simple to the sophisticated. 1. Home Office 2.0 A walk-in closet office, the gamer is surrounded by books and media. 2. The Famous Home Office With six monitors and a couple of laptops, this home office has the sensation...

20 Brilliant Vector Designs

20 Brilliant Vector Designs Vector graphics can be used for all kinds of visual purposes, from logos and advertising, to cartoons, portraiture and fine art. Software such as Illustrator and Corel Draw have made vector design open to everyone, and its one of those skills thats easy to pick up but full of endless possibility for development. This post brings together 20 examples of brilliant vector design for inspiration and...

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