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5 Ways to Improve Your Photo Editing

5 Ways to Improve Your Photo Editing With everyone using smartphone photo editing apps these days, even the most casual photographer often thinks of him or herself as a savvy editor. But all it takes is one look at Rich Kids of Instagram to know that not all photo editing software and approaches are born equally. In fact, it still takes a great photographer to be a great editor — someone with an intuitive grasp of composition, balance,...

Is My Web Design TOO Clean?

Is My Web Design TOO Clean? Cleanliness is next to Godliness, they say. But you know what … who’d want to be God anyway?! Omnipotence is just so much work. By parallel (and for many other reasons we’re about to explore!), you don’t want to make your website design too clean. It is possible to have too much of a good thing … but where the heck do you draw the line amid all that white space? We explore...

Elements of a Clean Web Design

Elements of a Clean Web Design Website design need to be clean, simple, and elegant in appearance. In fact, it is essential to create a positive impression among readers and surfers Let’s discuss about the essential elements that should feature in a clean website: Well-structured layout Excellent typography Image consistency Limited use of color Layout of the webpage should be well structured. Remember, it is the overall layout...

Save time and increase productivity with these apps and websites

Save time and increase productivity with these apps and websites If there’s one thing that most people who work online know it’s that time and productivity go together.  If you use your time correctly productivity goes up.  Use it poorly and, well, you know what happens. The apps and websites featured today help you manage your time and therefore increase your productivity. They can help you to find tools easier, email smarter and blog better, among other things....

Dark Angel wallpaper for desktop

Dark Angel wallpaper for desktop For all fans of “Fallen Angels” Mystery and allure of the supernatural, today I present in 42 Beautiful Dark Angel Wallpapers and not miss., For personal use, and if partially modified for commercial use. Find them here angel dark 42 Best Wallpapers Offered and published by technology...

5 Time Management Tips for Web Designers

5 Time Management Tips for Web Designers With the recent passing of bestselling author Stephen Covey, the business world has been reminded of his advice to professionals looking to maximize their time and get the most from their career and professional life. Working as a web designer is an exciting and sometimes contradictory practice in balancing creativity and business. However, the being a web designer can be very rewarding work if you are...

Creative Way to Learn Responsive Web Design

Creative Way to Learn Responsive Web Design Responsive web design has become the golden rule of success in the online world. It is the concept that really works in the global design community due to the incredible raise in the amount of portable devices in recent years. You never know what device your visitors will use to access your website (a PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone or any other), but if you care about each visitor, be sure to make your...

Benefits of collaborative web design

Benefits of collaborative web design Web design has become a lot easier because of the big boom in ease of networking. Having open communication between web developers has greatly increased the amount of available knowledge. Web developers and hobbyist designers both love to share their thoughts and tips when it comes to building a website and you can easily find this by browsing one of many forums or blogs that can be found by...

The Power of Design in the 21st Century

The Power of Design in the 21st Century Did you know that the easiest way to communicate with customers is through a well-designed website? Far more people will visit a business website than will call or visit the company to learn about the business. Your website design is the gateway to your company, and the first thing that customers learn about your brand. The 21st century is the century of the Internet, and if you are not communicating your...

Top 15 examples of sports logo design

Top 15 examples of sports logo design Logo plays an important role for a particular business or a brand. Within its small area of impact it gives the crisp story of its client’s or brand’s profile. So, a professionally made logo should be clean and straight to the point, together with being highly creative as well. We have projected 15 such sports logo designs that give us the first hand information of the nature of business of the brand...

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