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Kenneth Bager – Fragment Eight (The Sound Of Swing)

Kenneth Bager – Fragment Eight (The Sound Of Swing) I know… this hasn’t got anything to do with Web Design, but the melody is awesome and I was searching it for a while, I’ve spent many hours googling for it. This is also a soundtrack for a ad here in Romania at Clicknet ( melodie fundal reclama noua clicknet ). Just listen to it and you’ll never want to hear something else again :P Download – rapidshare Download –...

Paianjenista and AXL Rose

Paianjenista and AXL Rose Custom made poster for Lavinia Boulescu aka Paianjenista,a friend of mine, who also is a song writer for a band called Raza. She’s a very talented song writer, you can check all she wrote on her myspace page. The band, Raza is at the beginning but they seem very good at what they do. If you want you can check their page at sellaband.com and there you can become a believer, buy parts of the band and...

What is a Gravatar ?

What is a Gravatar ? You’ve probably heard about it, or maybe not, either way here’s some info about “a Gravatar”. So what’s a Gravatar ? A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an 80

Ice Dream Team

Ice Dream Team Hey! I was working in the past 5 hours on a personal project, for me and my team from the ice skate park where I work as a day job. I wanted to create a film like poster with me and my colleagues from work. So after some photoshop modifications, I’ve cropped 5 images, that where me, and 4 of my friends. I’ve cropped only our faces, because for this project this was the only thing that I needed....

Happy holidays

Happy holidays For this holiday season I want to wish all my readers the best of the best, Merry Xmas and a Happy new Year. I hope that you have more clients / success in the upcoming year in Web Design or in whatever you do. For this holidays I will not post so often because I now have a day time job, working one day and one not. The one that I’m not working in the day job is dedicated to you, my readers, and to...

Google Error Page

Google Error Page Click on the image for the full view. Didn’t knew that the about page from google is not there. Was curious today what they say on their about page but guess what? It’s not there, weird...

Hypercube rotation

Hypercube rotation Very nice animated gif! What ? You where thinking that’s flash ? :)

Create a animated text

Create a animated text Want to create an animated text like the above I’ve made? Visit the wizard text generator and create your...

Create a flickr like sign

Create a flickr like sign Want to create a flickr.com sign ? Nothing easier ! Here is what I’ve created :) Create your own flickr sign by visiting this...

Gacya Design Vector Wallpaper

Gacya Design Vector Wallpaper Gacya Design Wallpaper Originally uploaded by Garcya Just created a Vector Desktop wallpaper for my laptop. Wanted to have something representative for my desktop, so I’ve created a simple gray background with the initials letters of my design agency “Garcya Design” with some floral decoration over the letters. Also made a image with the same idea for Yahoo! Messenger Avatar, or any...

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