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Amazing Body Painting

Amazing Body Painting I’ve found these superb body paintings on fubiz.net. It’s really cool what they can do with a naked girl...

Castle Tale – PSD

Castle Tale – PSD Have you ever wanted to place your head on other bodies ? Or maybe place some friends head and make a joke ? This is a 300 DPI PSD file that can be a background for any head you choose. If you want to learn how to use photoshop to combine body parts, I’ve covered that in this video...

Countdown to Christmas

Cool flash banner that shows you how much time until the wonderful Christmas time. There are many more available at this Christmas Countdown generator. Via...

Celebrating 40 years of Mouse

Celebrating 40 years of Mouse It’s been 40 years since the first mouse came to “life”. 40 years ago, back in 1968, Douglas Engelbart from Stanford Research Institute has created the first mouse. With a rough design and very heavy, the first mouse was composed by a wooden shell and a huge round ball looking way to strange from the actual mouse in our time. Douglas Engelbart is still alive, has 83 years now and it will...

Free Wallpaper – Angel Raluca

Free Wallpaper – Angel Raluca Hey, I’ve just finished a new wallpaper for a friend of mine. The wallpaper is at 1280×800 px resolution, made for my mac and her PC. Here’s the wallpaper – click for full view: Download the wallpaper from here. Feedback is welcome, enjoy the wallpaper and my beautiful friend...

Twitter Grade

Twitter Grade As Grader says @Garcya got a Twitter Grade of 82/100 from @grader. See: http://twitter.grader.com/Garcya The Twitter Grade measures the relative power of a Twitter user. It is calculated as a percentile score. A grade of 82 means that the user scores higher than 82 percent of the other user profiles that have been graded. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for all the updates on this blog and many more cool...

Contest – 5 subscriptions to AniStock.com

Contest – 5 subscriptions to AniStock.com Anistock and Web Design Blog gives you the unique chance to win 5 awesome 1 year free subscription to Anistock BroadPro. First of all, let’s introduce the sponsor Anistock and what does it offer for you… At Anistock you can choose from 1000′s of high quality, customizable 2D and 3D Stock Animation including video backgrounds, motion loops, characters and concepts for as little as...

You Rock! You Rule!

You Rock! You Rule! Funny pictures have always room on your pc and in your life, you can find the most amazing and fun things in the world in one blog – Earth Guide.

Digital Speed Painting Videos

Digital Speed Painting Videos Thanks to Deziner Folio┬áI had the chance to see some of the greatest digital speed painting videos out there. They have compilled a list of the most interesting ones, check them out, you’ll probably love them as I did. Visit their post and see the...

Happy birthday to… me

Happy birthday to… me Yes, on 4 June it’s my birthday, I was born in 1985 so if you do some maths I’m 23 right now. I’m waiting for you all at the party, be sure not to miss it…

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