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Prizee: Free Online Games and Presents

Prizee: Free Online Games and Presents Have you heard about Prizee? I doubt you didn’t, but if you haven’t you’ve sure missed a lot of fun and changes. I remember playing Prizee many years ago, and when I signed in today I’ve seen a complete re-design of their website. Very cool artwork and graphics. The games also changed, there are a few new games that took place for some old ones. You really have to go and see for...

Happy Birthday to….. me :)

Happy Birthday to….. me :) It’s been 24 years since I was born and one year since I celebrated my birthday along with Web Design Blog. 4th of June is my birthday, I’m 24 years old now. Common and let’s party here on Web Design Blog, the drinks are on me...

Twitter Search

Twitter Search If you’re new on twitter or already a “pro” a cool twitter search can be useful and also fun for you. With Taylor Digital Team Twitter Search you can search for things on Twitter on real time! This Twitter Phrase Search is a great way to view tweets from twitter in real time and analyze what programs/methods are being used to post. We have seen many ways to view, read and organize tweets...

Photo Inspiration: 40 Celebrity Caricatures

Photo Inspiration: 40 Celebrity Caricatures These wonderful caricatures are perfect for laughfing or inspiration, so sit back, relax and browse through all 40 of...

Cars Vs Tokyo Drift

Either your a fan of Cars or Tokyo Drift, I really think you’ll like this video :)...

Fredo and Pid’Jin

Fredo and Pid’Jin The only comic book that worth’s subscribing in your mail and read it (in my opinion). Fredo and Pid’Jin are two evil pigeons that want to conquer the world (well at least they try to :) ) Sky Is The Limit is one of the many many posts that made me laugh, read it all here. You can subscribe to Fredo and Pid’Jin feed right...

Happy Easter 2009

Web Design Blog wishes you all a Happy Easter and the best things in the world.

April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day It’s the 1ts of April: Fool’s Day :) Any special pranks you’ve prepared for your friends and familly ? Share them with us also and let’s have a laugh !

Twitter – How often do you use it?

Twitter – How often do you use it? Do you folks use Twitter? How often do you use it? Do you shout like every f* word that get into your hear? Do you use it only for twitting the new posts from your blog? Do you use it to communicate with friends? Do you just twitt what you do? Like I’m in the toilet right now, pooping :) Overall Twitter is fun and quite useful if you follow the right persons. So… Do you use? Do you follow...

MMORPG Games – Do you play them?

MMORPG Games – Do you play them? Have you heard of MMORPG Games? I’m talking about the browser based games. I’ve been recently invited to one of those and I kinda’ like it. I’m not the play-type but it’s a good thing to fill up your spare time (I know we designers don’t have that). PrisonStruggle is a MMORPG Browser based game┬ábased on the real inmate life. It’s really cool and fun, go ahead and...

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