WordPress slow load

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Hello and first of all I am sorry about this problem that I am facing, honestly I can’t figure it out what it is, but my wordpress blog loads as slow as hell, it takes approximately 40 to 1 minute to load any page, with 45 to 50 mySQL queries (that isn’t much). I have tried to crawl all wordpress forums, google and so on but nobody seems to know why this happens. It all started with no warning or so, I’ve just noticed that my blog loads very slow, then I was thinking that my ISP is the problem, but after a day the blog kept loading very slow. I’m hosted with godaddy, tried also with them, but for now… no luck. Today I’ve installed wp-cache and I’ve been told that I must wait a couple of days to see it working, well if this isn’t going to help load the page “a little faster” I honestly don’t know what to do!