Ageeing Process Photoshop Video Tutorial

This awesome tutorial will teach you how to make a person from it’s 20thees look like a old person.

This is the image before the ageeing process:

You can see, the girls really cute right? Here’s the girl after the ageeing process:

Do you still wanna get out with this old lady ? :) Watch the video tutorial below and learn how to make people look older.

2 thoughts on “Ageeing Process Photoshop Video Tutorial”

  1. hi gracia thanx 4 sharing b4
    Well, i wanna using vector for my site n i’ve download but i cant using it because i don’t know how to embed it in my site (i’m using joomla 1.0)
    i think it just install like the others template but i;m wrong
    so could u help solve my problem?

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