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200x200_sharedFor all webmasters in web industry one of the toughest processes is finding a host which would suit their needs. There are thousands of webhosting companies claiming to be the best ever, but it ain’t that easy to make a choice as the list of features to be compared is astonishing. So, how to make the right choice? First of all to decide what exactly you are playing to do with your hosting, what you are planning to use to build your site and what type of website you will have. After you are done deciding the step of choosing a host comes in. The more you know about available alternatives the more likely you are to make a satisfactory choice.

One interesting cheap website hosting solution for personal, small and medium businesses would be which is aimed mostly at providing good hosting services for a lower than average price on the market. The plans provided by this company would perfectly suite those who want to have a personal blog, a medium sized forum, a gallery of personal photos, small to medium online shop or even all of these together on one account for pretty low price. Now, let’s take a closer look at the features the company provides.

Sitevalley features and pricing

Sitevalley shared hosting plans come with unmetered bandwidth and disc space, this makes planning of the website content easier as you don’t have to worry about the limits. But this feature is not unique on the market at all. What is special about Sitevalley is that depending on your website type they offer five different plan types, which are:
•    Forum (PhpBB)
•    Blog (WordPress)
•    Gallery (Coppermine)
•    E-commerce (osCommerce)
•    All Inclusive (all offered by Installtron (
Depending on the plan you’ll get pre-installed software for the corresponding site type management. This is very comfortable for beginners as they don’t have to go through the installation process and are ready to get down to using their site right away. So far on Forum plan you will get PhpBB installed, on Blog there will be WordPress waiting for you, on Gallery you will find Coppermine, on E-commerce they will prepare osCommerce. If you want to be able to use all of these together or some other open source scripts then All inclusive will suite you, as it has Installtron (a special installation tool) ready to install about 60 open source scripts with just several clicks. You will also get a free domain as long as you host with Sitevalley.
Except the shared plans Sitevalley is ready to offer cheap VPS and dedicated solutions.
Sitevalley control panel

The hosting with Sitevalley is driven by the DirectAdmin on the customer side. This control panel provides all necessary means to managing a hosting account while being extremely user friendly. It has very intuitive design that is very pleasant to use, and what I personally like that there is no need in manual as the functions are named exactly as the actions they perform. But in case any documentation is needed there is

Sitevalley Customer Support

Sitevalley provides customer support via the chat and via the ticketing system. The chat can be easily access form the main page of the Sitevalley website and the chat operator can help you with pre-sales, sales and first level technical support questions (like resetting passwords, configuring mail access, FTP client and so on). Sophisticated technical questions are solved using the ticketing system that can be easily accessed from the helpdesk of the site.

To sum up the given information about the Sitevalley I would like to point out main points about the company:
•    Lower than average prices
•    Pre-configured for certain needs budget plans
•    Availability of chat and ticketing support system with moderate response time
•    Availability of automatic installer Installtron
•    Free domain
•    User-friendly control panel (Direct Admin)

If you are looking for a comprehensive web hosting solution, I highly encourage you to take a look at

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