Advertising on Web Design Blog is a great way to present your message to a variety of tech-savvy people ranging from design & photoshop beginners to professional web and graphic designers, web developers and more. My blog is much oriented to Vector Graphics and is ranked on page 1 on Google’s search for free vector graphics and many many more.


I am offering various types of advertising here at Web Design Blog:

Text Links:

  • 1 month in the sidebar under Featured links = 20 $.
  • For more months you can get a sweet discount!please get in touch

125 x 125 Banners:

  • 125×125 banners = 50$ / month. The banner will appear in the sidebar area, front exposure, on every page of the blog.

260 x 125 Banner:

  • 260 x 125 banner = 75$ / month. This is one single banner, the first banner that appears to the visitors = max exposure.
  • Please¬†contact me¬†if you’re interested.


468 x 60 Banner:

  • The 468×60 banner is available at request and will replace the Adsense banner in the header. This will probably bring you the most visitors. Please contact me if you’re interested.

728 x 90 Banner:

  • The 728×90 banner is also available at request only and will replace the Adsense banner in the header under the page links. Please contact me if you’re interested. ( Sold right now )


Please feel free to use the contact page or email me at if you have any other questions regarding advertising at Web Design Blog.
Thank you!

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  1. I know your advertising and I’m interested in a barter..if you can tell me your bandwidth a month I might be willing to host your site for free in return for two spots, one for and the other spot for

    Its up to you.. thanks.


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