Adrian – Denis Ferenczik (Garcya Jr.)

Adrian - Denis FerenczikMy new born baby boy, 3 days old here in this photo!
Born 19th of May 2010, 7.7 pounds (3.5 Kg) and 21 inches (54 cm).

We named him Adrian – Denis. Ferenczik is his surname. Photos can be seen here.

The successor for was born :)

Let’s hope he’ll do a better job than his daddy.

Now the only thing I can think is how to make his life easier.

I’d like to thank to all the guys and girls out there who supported WDB and helped me by donating and contributing.

You should know that I bought a lot of dippers heh!

If you wish to give a hand and help you can do it here. (Thank you!)

16 thoughts on “Adrian – Denis Ferenczik (Garcya Jr.)”

  1. Beautiful baby boy! Congratulations. God bless him. I was looking for some infant vectors two days ago. :-)

  2. The baby is exquisitely adorable. I know you'll do a great job as a father. Hey! pray for him each day, and continue to treasure him.

  3. You do a great job with your graphics and your website
    – but –
    Adrian-Denise is your masterpiece. What a lovely babyboy!
    Congrats to the young family!

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