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6000 Vector Cars


6000 vehicles sample vector 6000 Vector Cars

Are you a vinyl cutter? A designer that creates graphics for cars ? all kinds of cars?

Here is the perfect set for you: 6000 vector cars in AI format. All the models, all what you need to design your client car or your own car. You will find concepts from: Ford, Open, Mazda, BMW, Buick, Chevy, Citroen, Dodge, Fiat, Honda, Hummer, Iveco, Jeep, Kia, Lada, Lancia, Lincoln, Mercedes, Mercury, Peugeut, etc. Or maybe you want to have fun, give it a try.

free download vector 6000 Vector Cars

premium download vector 6000 Vector Cars

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  • phanto

    Nice! Never know when you will need them. Thanks

  • Michael

    I have been searching for this exact thing for years. Thank You!

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    You’re both welcome.
    So Michael, I’m glad that after a “few years of searching” you’ve found them here ;)
    I have another set of vector cars just ready to be uploaded, but beside this set, that is in AI format, those are in CDR format.
    If anybody needs them, do a request, so I can find some reason to add them.

  • Michael

    Well, then. Consider them requested!

  • hamid

    tank you , for thid files

  • hamid

    از شما بخاطر فايلهاي زيبا سپاسگزارم

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  • Ahmet


  • malder

    links dead :(

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    The link works for me… I have tried to download now.

  • http://www.wandaufkleber.com Wandtattoo Wolle

    Thanks for this Files. Looks very good.
    CRD Files would be nice, too.

    Best regards from Germany

  • deepixel

    link is dead please repost

  • johnybigodes

    I downloaded the file, but it only has cars until letter M… Where are the cars from M to Z ??


  • Nado

    It is great, thanks. I was looking for it so long. Do you have also vector cars that were built in last years: 2004-2007. I dont know where else I could find them.
    Thanks forward

  • http://circonflex.be jo

    i’m still downloading the vectors but i’m trilled already ;-)

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  • http://guggenheim.deviantart.com Enrique

    First of all, you are a very generous person by sharing all this work. Second, a huge THANK YOU for doing so. And third, I would politely request that you share the other set if possible at all :)

    Thank you, again

  • http://guggenheim.deviantart.com Enrique

    Also people,

    Anybody cares to be nice enough to mirror these?
    They are on a romanian server which does not download very fast for connections in Mexico, for example.

    I will mirror it as soon as I get them, of course if the author here allows.. Do you Garcya?

  • srami


  • srami

    have you got the newest version, with cars from 2004-2007 ?

  • http://thankyouformuch khaled

    thanks for picures

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  • Isabel

    Pude abrir solo algunos autos vectorizados pero los archivos en cualquiera de sus ubicaciones estan corruptos y de los 6000 automoviles solo logro bajar unos 300. De donde podria bajar ese archivo que me seria de mucha utilidad para mi trabajo???

  • http://www.deine-wandtattoos.de/ Tim @ deine-wandtattoos.de

    good stuff, thank you.

  • Nikebene

    Hi! Do you have new models? after 2001? Thanks.

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    @Nikebene: sorry! I have only what you see.

  • Courtenay.Black

    Hi there- I am having difficulties downloading the file. Did the collection include a Volkswagen Kombi Van / Vintage Van by any chance? If so, would someone mind emailing it to me? courtenay_black@hotmail.com
    Thank you.

  • Odnoglazyi


    Garcya <– do you know the seller of this product? I have to indicate things like this to a client … and I shouldn’t tell him to dowload if for free … ;)

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    @Odnoglazyi indicate them to this blog and you’re done.

  • http://www.onlinegamescar.com Games Car

    What Kinda of Car do you drive?

  • odnoglazyi

    I told them, they prefer to buy it from the producer. Do you know the procuder?

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    They can buy them from me :)

  • Hotshokollat

    u r genius… thank u

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  • http://alexander-man.blogspot.com alexander

    gracias viejo desde venezuela

  • http://www.fragrancethis.com Justin

    is there a citroen jumper aswell?

    • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

      Got no clue, just take a look.

  • Kalle

    Cool vectors!

    Is it allowed to use the pack for commercial use?


    • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

      Only personal use / modification.
      For Commercial use please contact me

  • Gary

    Excuse the dumb question, but what do you click on to get the “6000 Vector Cars” download happening? I have subscribed.

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    You can two images with Download from rapidshare and download from filebox.
    Try Rapidshare.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Great stuff, due, thanks!

  • kon


  • cristian

    aportazo ghracias

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  • http://www.searchenginerankings.com.au Arrow SEO

    Unbelievable! What a great collection!! Thanks!

  • cesar chiles hortua

    es posible que ustedes puedan compartir informacion gratis

  • http://www.bestvaluecars.co.uk Best Value Cars

    Nice graphics, these should sell really well

  • http://www.ukdissertations.net/ UK dissertation

    Great! work every buddy can get lots of interesting information, keep on posting this type of brilliant articles.

  • http://www.twee-design.com André Barradas

    Thanks for sharing this file it’s really helpful for some works.

  • http://www.capeplates.co.uk DVLA Plates

    Really useful collection – thanks for the link!

  • http://www.capeplates.co.uk DVLA Number Plates

    Really useful collection – thanks for the link! I’ll be making good use of them…

  • http://www.uk1media.com ntido

    Very interesting web article

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  • refeed


  • calikitano

    Hello Garcya, I would love more of these if you're still looking for a reason to add more :D

    Love all or your work! Thanks!

  • nurdinbek

    Wonderful vectors that I was looking for.

  • Cali

    Love it!

  • Mi

    Muchas gracias

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