5 Time Management Tips for Web Designers

With the recent passing of bestselling author Stephen Covey, the business world has been reminded of his advice to professionals looking to maximize their time and get the most from their career and professional life. Working as a web designer is an exciting and sometimes contradictory practice in balancing creativity and business. However, the being a web designer can be very rewarding work if you are able to find this balance. Here are 5 time management tips specifically for web designers:

Prioritize Everything – Everyday: By prioritizing everything, you will avoid procrastination, which is the biggest time suck out there. However, this works best if you not only prioritize your work (aka, start with looming deadlines, then assignments for your most important clients, then trickle down) but also with your personal life. Make time for your pet projects, your friends and family, and more. By training your brain to prioritize in a mature and practical manner, you will be able to quickly hop into work (and out of it when it’s time to be present at home) without wasting time.

Be Aware of your Achilles Heel – And how to Fix It: Every creative person has an Achilles Heel, that moment when they just can’t think of another artistic expression, or word, or anything, and are stuck with a blank page. Discover simple ways you break out of these ruts. Maybe you need a walk, or to clean the bathroom, or to crank up the music real loud. Now when you run into trouble, you will know exactly what to do to get back on track.

Set Goals for Meetings: Whether you are in an around-the-conference-table meeting, over the phone, or just shooting off an email to a client, make sure you have a goal you’d like to meet each time and ask questions to achieve this. With clear cut goals, you will avoid wasting time going back and forth with people and will be able to dive into your work more quickly.

Unplug All but One – Also Known as Focus: When you are working on a project, be present with that project. Don’t have your email up, don’t answer your phone, put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign and remind yourself you have limited undisturbed time like this, so you better make the most of it and get your work done.

Handle Setbacks Professionally – Admittedly, web designers aren’t usually expected to wear suits and ties to work, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to act like a professional. If a client makes you late, your kid gets sick, or any other outside force causes your planned timeline to get screwy, take responsibility and push on. Sulking, blaming, and pointing fingers will put you in a foul mood, and chances are this will slow you down. Save time and keep your game face on.   

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Roy K works for Design Pax. The company provides web site design services in high quality all over the world.

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