5 Great Web Based Recruitment Videos

In todays online market, design companies are forever expanding to meet the demands of their clients. Therefore new routes in recruitment into previously unseen sectors such as online video.

Today many companies advertising employment vacancies are offering a visual insight into the company to prospective future employees to help give the employee a chance to see if the advertised company is right for them before they send their resume.

We have gathered a selection of recruitment videos from popular design companies from around the world to understand the thought process behind these online advertisements.

1. Google

The search engine giant google has put together this recruitment video advertising employment vacancies within its hugely succesful company. Google already recieves aorund 3,000 applications a day from hopeful applicants all hoping for employment within this amazingly fun and creative industry. Within this video employees are seen having enjoying themselves with a highly creative environment and even 20% of their time which can be dedicated to personal projects within the company. The video focuses on the benefits recieved with emploment by Google and the stress free atmosphere at which employees work in and the amazing free services which Google offers the employees such as free meals, laundry and games. The video is quite formal yet has a personal touch hearing some stories of experiences within the companie by its employees. The video represents Google and its current employees well and would clearly be a repsectable company to have your resume submitted to.

2. Going Interactive

This is quite a risk for a company to take in order to meet its recruiting requirements, however I think the company definitely succeeds in grabbing the users attention throughout. Due to Going Interactive not being a massively large company I think they can afford to portray themselves in this way, which I personally feel is much more appealing for the creative industry. After all, being creative is also trying to be unique and this company certainly excels in its recruitment area.
With young staff members who have most certainly got a sense of humour, I think this would be a great place for employment within the industry.

3. Creare Group

The recruitment video by Creare Web Design gives a real insight into the different aspects of the company, from meeting the team to exploring individual job roles and daily tasks. Different application platforms used by Creare are also discussed and the steps took to develop projects using these platforms.
Whilst being informative, the video also displays character within the company, allowing the viewer to feel at ease to apply, with the benefit of the social team building activities that are incorporated through out the teams. A look into the previous educations of employees helps possible applicants to see the levels of qualifications held by current employees at Creare. The continual mention of variety in tasks, promotional availability and motivational atmosphere makes this career opportunity very appealing.

4. Radiant Core

An informal and relaxed approach to recruitment has been took by Radiant Core, yet I feel that this works well, reflecting the relaxed and stress free environment advertised by the company within the video really makes you feel at ease. Employees discuss the benefits of the company such as flexible career paths within the company as well as the technologies and equipment available to them. Radiant Core speak of its accomplishments within the industry such as awards they have achieved and high end clients that they have worked with, informing you that they are a reputable company. A nice feature to this video is also a short tour of the surrounding area of Toronto to give prospective employees a feel for the environment they could possibly be working in. Overall I believe Radiant Core have a strong approach to marketing their company to possible future employees by informing you of the key aspects you would want to hear when seeking employment within the design industry.

5. Magnetic

Magnetics recruitment video ticks all the boxes of a great video to market a companys employment vacancies. A wide range of the companies employees from different job roles are seen discussing their views of the company and the job satisfaction that they receive whilst working at Magnetic. A laid back atmosphere with employees enjoying a lakeside BBQ is portrayed yet with a strong sense of professionalism which is seen through out. These are both aspects of a positive working environment that are strong messages to get across to applicants. Numerous awards that have been achieved by the company are present through out the video giving peace of mind that this not only being a friendly and relaxed place to work, but being a successful and well managed company. The video production is of a high quality and no corners are cut by the company to give the message to possible applicants that this company would be not only an enjoyable place to work with a positive atmosphere, but a highly beneficial and satisfying employment.

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