30+ WordPress 3-Column Themes


You need a clean, easy to read, and well organized theme for your blog. Today we’re going to concentrate on three column designs. Here are 30+ WordPress Themes.

05 Moon 1.0 – Not all themes have to be light colors to be pleasing so long as they are well organized. This is an excellent black theme, variable width and widget-ready.

    05 moon

Acid Green Pro – Fixed width, centered layout with widget ready sidebars. Tons of space in the sidebars for lots of goodies.

    Acid Green Pro

Alike Theme – Another darkish theme, but quite easy on the eyes, AdSense ready, fixed width and widget ready.

    Alike theme

Ayumi – Mainly white with good highlights, easy to read and widget ready.


Bionic Jive – Compartmentalized well, clean read, variable width.

    Bionic Jive

Blogging Simply – Fluid width, widget ready, loads of space in the sidebars for all the extras you want.

    Blogging Simply

CitrusIsland – Variable width, widget ready, colors that pop.


Cordoba Green Park – Variable width, widget ready, easily changeable color schemes.

    Cordoba Green Park

Creaker – Widget ready, understated and easy to ready, perfect for customizing.


Crunch – Available in multiple colors, easy to change header.


Daily Digest 3.0 – Fixed width, widget ready, newspaper style.

    Daily Digest 3.0

Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti – Very elegant looking, great for a foodie blog, variable width.

    Fava Beans

Fresh Apple – It’s based around a green apple, how can it not be soothing to the eye? Variable width and widget ready.

    Fresh Apple

I Like Grey – Variable width with lots of boxes in each side column for customization.

    I Like Grey

i3Theme – For the Mac lovers in the crowd, now your WordPress blog can look like your favorite operating system.


Illacrimo – Widget ready, smooth appearance. Perfect for a graphic artist site.


Intensive – Google AdSense optimized, good for newish blogs.


Journalized Winter – Variable width, great for someone that likes lots of info on their pages. Also available in Sand colors.

    Journalized Winter

Mandigo – A fixed width (800 or 1024) theme that can be two or three columns based on settings on the Options page. Widget ready.


Mogle – Black and orange professional looking theme, Adsense ready.


Navigation WP Theme – Based on the WordPress Admin area, variable width, widget ready.

    Navigation WP Theme

Nuberu – You can’t much cleaner than plain black & white. Fixed width.


OmegaLeaf – Very sleek white and red theme, fixed width.


ProSense – Fixed width, clean reading, and available in three different color schemes. Widget ready.


Soccer Theme – Fixed width, widget ready, great for a sports-themed blog.

    Soccer Theme

Talian 1.0 – Clean colors, easy to read, variable width, widget ready for easy customizing.

    talian 1.0

Track 17 – Variable width, great for a tech themed blog.

    Track 17

TyreMonkey – A nice red and black themed three column design. Fixed width.


Ubmodicus – Lightweight, fast loading, widget ready.


Unnamed – While it lacks a name, it has Ajax features (the black area you see is a pop-in) as well as being widget ready. Fixed width.


Zen – Very stylish, easy to read, fixed width, widget ready.


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