25 Inspiring Flyer Designs

Flyer designs for clubs, concerts, art events and such like are at the cutting edge of graphic design. For a flyer to be successful it is necessary that the design is eye-catching enough to grab the attention of the target audience, reflects the style of the event it is advertising, and the layout must contain all the important information whilst maintaining a high level of aesthetic quality. Balancing these elements is no easy task, but when executed well flyer designs can be truly inspiring. This post presents a showcase of 25 of the finest flyers from around the world.

1. Minimal Fabric

This cool club flyer for Minimal Fabric in Amsterdam combines minimalist photographic textures with nice stencil-style topography.

2. Epiphany

This quirky illustrative flyer is for Epiphany, a dubstep and jungle club night in Bristol, England.

3. DJ Krush

This flyer features a brilliantly rendered vector portrait of DJ Krush, for the Japanese musician’s appearance at Greek venue Block 33.

4. Neon Rave Kids

A flyer for German club night Neon Rave Kids with bold new-rave electropop styling, bold colours and simple graphics.

5. Aquarius Club

This flyer employs slick vectors and a subtle brown colour scheme in the design, advertising a hip-hop and R&B night at the Aquarius Club in Zagreb, Croatia.

6. Beat Wars

Genuine Designs present this stylish illustrative flyer for Beat Wars, a night of minimal house and techno at Clubschiene, Germany.

7. Plastik

Graphic designer Alex Haigh created this flyer for Plastik, a club night of new deep and dark electro.

8. We Are The 90’s

This funky flyer with its bold yellow colour scheme is for a retro 1990s-themed Parisian club night.

9. Against Nature

Against Nature is a decadent evening of live music in Camden, London, with the vintage-chic of the event reflected in the monochrome aesthetic of this flyer.

10. UV Party

Sparkling graphics and solid typography are used to great effect in this flyer for the UV Party in New York.

11. Plan B

This is another stylish flyer from New York, for Plan B, Sunday night drum and bass sessions.

12. Substance

Substance club nights in Vancouver offer an eclectic mix of indie, Britpop, Mersey beat, psychedelic and other guitar-led pop. This black and white flyer for the club uses nice hand-drawn graphics and a vector portrait of original Pink Floyd front man Syd Barrett.

13. Synthesis

This inspiring flyer design is for an evening of art and music at the Awarehouse in Florida, Miami, with Prefuse 73 headlining a line-up of local and international performers.

14. Bridging the Gap

London-based graphic artist Ross Gunter created this beautiful flyer design for Bridging the Gap, using a simple yet solid graphic with really neat typography. The design is inspired by classic international typography and early cassette tape covers.

15. X-Ray Vision

This eye-catching design is for X-Ray Vision, a night of retro-futuristic and cyber-fuelled music at London venue The Last Days of Decadence.

16. Pink Party

This seductive flyer design is for The Pink Party at the Ten99 Club in Reno, Nevada.

17. Yellow and Black Club

A striking use of colour, bold op-art graphics and monochrome photography are used with brilliant results in this flyer for the Yellow and Black Club, hosted by the Mother Bar in the London’s East End.

18. One Night Stand

South African illustration studio One Horse Town prepared this brilliant retro hand-drawn flyer for an evening of live music at The Assembly club in Cape Town.

19. Spring

This colourful graphic with bold lettering is for Spring, a night of music at New York The Dance club in Kassel, Germany.

20. Dubway

Designer T. Puchpen created this beautiful artwork as part of a series of flyers for Dubway dubstep sessions in Bangkok.

21. Bay Beat Collective

This sublime flyer uses a great colour scheme and retro design to advertise a performance by Indian DJ group the Bay Beat Collective at the Zenzi bar in Mumbai.

22. SXSW Showcase

This brilliant flyer advertises a showcase of bands from US record labels Sub Pop and Hardly Art at the Galaxy Room in Austin, Texas, during the 2010 SXSW music festival.

23. Sub Terminal

The futuristic architectural photography and sleek graphic style used in this flyer design reflects the atmosphere at Sub Terminal, techno and drum and bass nights at Club Depo in Riga, Latvia.

24. Cassette Jam

This flyer for Cassette Jam’s album launch party uses a smiley face graphic and yellow and black colour scheme to hark back to the early days of rave in the 1990s.

25. The Drums

Finally, this stylish design combines great photography, a nice colour scheme and finely executed typography to promote the launch party for The Drum’s debut album on Moshi Moshi Records, another brilliant example of inspiring flyer design.

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