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25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups


The environments in which we work can have a profound influence on our productivity and creativity. As many more of us work in an officier situation, often at home, the designs of our workstations becomes increasingly important. This post brings together 25 examples of awesomely cool office designs, setups chosen to amaze and inspire.

1. Levine Residence by Jeremy Levine
3197502527 67cd9f3b77 z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

This is architect Jeremy Levine’s cool office setup at his residence in Eagle Rock, California. The room is furnished with custom built items constructed from recycled building materials from the original house build including plywood shelves and desks, which are suspended from the vaulted ceiling to free-up floor space. Windows open across the entire west wall, bathing the office in bright Californian sunlight.

2. My Office by Juhan Sonin
 vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Minimalist and clean desktops compliment the expanse of screen space available on Juhan Sonin’s dual Apple 30” LCD monitors to create a superb working space.

3. Home Office by Jacques Nyemb
4051398710 8985c07e0e o vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Jacques Nyemb of www.jofalltrades.com took several years to get his office setup just right. The bay of windows really open up the space and promote creativity, while the ergonomically-designed Mesh Managers chair eases the effects of late night design activities.

4. MySpace by Lisa Risager
3452272176 3fabbca25d z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Freelance webdesigner and webdeveloper Lisa Risager also works on craft and sewing projects and likes to keep her art materials close to hand, as we see in her office. There’s a certain Scandinavian aesthetic in the space with its bare wooden features and pastel tones. The windows open out onto views of Istedgade in Copenhagen, Denmark.

5. A Desk With a View by Techhie
5328773738 e149808aca z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Three massive screens give this office space an immersive visual experience. The panoramic image spread across the screens was lifted from Google Maps and edited in Photoshop to emphasize the width of LCD real estate.

6. Multi Monitor Mahem by Aldo Gonzalez
 vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

This office features even more screen space, with an awesome collection of nine displays, powered by two computers. Office owner Aldo Gonzalez has subsequently admitted that the setup was a little over the top, and has since downsized to humble collection of four screens.

7. Workstation 2 by Sean MacEntee
4746911330 d36d035bc1 z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Sean MacEntee’s cool office setup occupies a cosy corner in his home’s roof space, with a skylight providing daytime illumination.

8. Amazing Office by Chris Meller
 vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

This is an absolutely amazing office space with bare brickwork, contemporary-classic furnishings and massive windows providing a calming and creative ambience.

9. Brooklyn Home Office by Mackenzie Kosut
 vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Mackenzie Kosut has opted for a minimalist approach to his office layout, with simple features and concealed computers and speakers. The clean feel allows the focus to fall on the gorgeous cityscapes of Brooklyn seen through the windows. In addition to the views, the windows also serve as brainstorming boards, as Kosut uses dry erase markers on the glass to sketch ideas during project work.

10. Innovation Lab by Régine Debatty
312131918 e351e329b1 z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Innovation Lab presents a design concept that rethinks the traditional office cubicle with cool pastel colours, minimal setup with screen, lamp and digital picture frame, and a fisheye porthole offering a view of the outside world.

11. My New Office Setup by Peter Cooper
1343193489 bc18a2d31e z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Peter Cook works across four screens in this homely office setup. A collection of books and a nice selection of art and posters add a touch of inspiration to this working environment.

12. Home Office by Jeremy Levine
3640107485 967e3767b9 z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

This is another home office design from the portfolio of architect Jeremy Levine, a super-cool and clean layout with a great aesthetic and practical features. The sliding door opens onto a pocket courtyard with bamboo, also providing a cooling chimney effect. The clerestory window that runs around the top of the room allows changing light to fill the office as the sun moves through the sky during the day.

13. Quad-Head MacBook Air by Blake Patterson
5263917715 6c8217fcfe z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Blake Patterson’s awesome office employs four displays running from a MacBook Air. The setup usually features the iPhone 4 that was used to take this photograph of the arrangement.

14. Extreme Makeover by Sasha Wolff
3564814896 729ba163a5 z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

The décor used in a working environment can have a positive influence on the work that takes place within and the fantastic paint job that Sasha Wolff employed in her office makeover is a great example of how interior design can brighten a room. The space invaders flying across the walls are decals from the Blik graphics studio.

15. My New View by Travis Isaacs
2922793882 071cff942d z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

This handsome setup features a minimalist desktop, classic lampshade design and floor-to-ceiling windows to make the most of the sunlight and verdant scenery outside the office.

16. New Office Setup by John Athayde
2101162821 b5a8172b56 z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Another excellent office setup that makes use of the room’s windows, this time offering a cityscape view. A MacBook and Apple 30” display, speakers, phone and other office essentials complete the arrangement.

17. Office (Feb. Setup) by Jeff Wilcox
107813378 6eefc46ff5 z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Similarly, this setup looks out on a city view, and also includes three monitors and high-fidelity sound system.

18. Man Cave Office by Yasuhiko Ito
3895155879 0908dfdebd z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Yasuhiko Ito’s self-styled man cave office is a perfect retreat for work and creativity. The space includes his computer and desktop, inspirational dinosaur-related decorations and a piano for musical breaks from work.

19. Home Office by Sean Hobson
3556620491 a14606c4f6 z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Sean Hobson presents his simple and elegant desktop office setup. The beautifully minimalist arrangement features two Dell displays, one attached to a Mac Mini, the other to a Dell XPS Gen4, with wireless keyboard and mouse adding to the clutter-free feel.

20. Work Space by Silverfox09
 vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

This space allows the worker to look into his garden, enjoying the view and watching his children play, while the cat relaxes on the office’s filing cabinet.

21. My Work Space by Andy Wetherill
236281242 3cb1825ed1 z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Some people like to bring toys to keep them company on their desktop. Andy Wetherill has populated his office with a multitude of playful characters, from The Simpsons to Star Wars and numerous other figurines.

22. My Office by Travis Isaacs
2306151268 09f75aa8b5 z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Careful use of light and colour can have a very positive influence in the office environment, such as we see in Travis Isaac’s exquisitely designed room with its dark décor and carefully selected artwork and glassware.

23. The Laid Back Work Space by WOVOX Team
5278379056 dc0d699b2e z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Laptops and mobile devices allow us to take our work, and our office anywhere, such as we see here in WOVOX Team’s ‘laid back’ office on a couch and table with a relaxing candle burning and steaming cup of coffee.

24. New Work Area by Megan Ann
 vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

A great deal of thought has gone into decorating this work and office space, including the carefully chosen design elements that complete the stylishly pale colour scheme. The long workbench is divided between ‘his’ and ‘her’ ends; the available space is used for office work and art-related drawing projects.

25. Basement Office by Adam Selwood
3686045065 26a1947a1d z vector 25 Awesomely Cool Office Desk Setups

Finally, we have an example of how to make the most of limited space to create an awesome office. Adam Selwood’s basement setup is housed in an Ikea wardrobe, minus the doors, with a 24” display, and storage compartments in the keyboard area. Two lights under the keyboard subtly illuminate the space, which is both functional and comfortable, a highly inspiring piece of workspace design.

James finds himself talking more and more about office chairs because he’s involved in developing and updating a British next day office stationery site. He’s also a big internet and blogging enthusiast.

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  • http://Garcya.us/ Garcya

    Some of these makes you just go “ufffff” :)

  • http://gtawebdesign.co/ Arnab

    I always felt that folks working in the arts or creative field, need to work in an open environment. Being close to nature and fresh air really helps in the whole creative thinking process.

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  • Scott Steinberg

    As a sucker for anything musical, the “Man Cave Office” by Yasuhiko Ito kept me glued.

  • Parker Williams

    notice how most of them are using macs

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGLX7AK5FECRPQHIOYBSLMKUEA Puneet Kharbanda

    My name is Frank. Well the blog tittle is desk setups.. But except the third and one more rest all pics have system close ups rather than desk setups.. Please emphasize on what title you give to the blog..

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