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  • danny

    wow. thats a ton of logos. Did you create them all yourself? What on earth for? I usually watch tv when I get bored, not create logos!

    Thanks for files!

  • Claudya

    Thanks for your visit! Your blog rocks!!!! I put a link of your blog on mine. I´ll make a post in another blog i have at . About the language, i´m gonna change the translator button (it isn´t working!!!!). Hugs

  • Garcya

    danny you’re welcome. I have a lot of web sites where I can use them :) I can’t remember last time I watched TV :O
    and hey Claudya, your welcome also, I’ll add your link also to my blogroll, just tell me the name and url.

  • Claudya

    Hy Garcya, i put a new translate button on my blog. About the link, you can put this at (My principal blog). Thanks my friend!

  • Garcya

    Ok, because I have already added the one with divamix I will need to change it, but no problem at all :) you are welcome

  • http://vineela design


  • Garcya

    hi :)

  • Sayed Shaker ( )

    Thank you free much ..

  • KhaLeD

    waaaaaaaaaaaaw very nice
    but plz help me it is the problem

    could not complete your request because the layer is not a vaild layer

  • Garcya

    Did you un-rar the file?
    After that what program do you use to open the layers ? these are photoshop PSD logos.
    Does it give you the error to all logos?

  • KhaLeD

    Does it give you the error to all logos?

    no some logos

  • KhaLeD


    Did you un-rar the file?

    yes sir

    i am using photoshop 8

  • Garcya

    Probably those logos are corrupt, I’ve also got some errors on some of them!
    Sorry, just use the other ones.

  • انمي


  • pietro

    tank you……………….your logs is verry good……..

  • roodinoun

    thanks for the logos
    great work
    thanks a lot

  • roodinoun

    bit i didn’t find them

  • Garcya

    Will solve the problem with away, re-uploading the logos…

  • Garcya

    Problem solved!

  • roodinoun

    10x man

  • http://TURKEY: Onay

    Thank you everybody:)

  • Karthik

    Wov What a fentastic work. Are you a Human or Machine. Thanks a lot for your work. thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much . . .

  • Thomas

    What is the license to use these logos? royalties? Creative Commons?

    Best regards,

  • Garcya

    Royalties, you can use them for personal use, if you want to use them for commercial use you need to contribute.

  • http:/ Kenny

    Great, the logo is so beautiful. I like it

  • panos

    thank you

  • Free PSD Logo

    Can we add these logo’s on our website and provide link back to you ?

    • Garcya


      Sure you can.
      Good luck

  • maxpa30

    Many logo…. but they are not very new…

  • zerritouni

    Thank you, nice logos

  • Bilal

    Beautiful collection!

  • Joey’s Photography

    Thanks very usefull.

  • hamid

    how sweet, too much attractive collection with very good collection..

  • dizi izle

    thanks good :)

  • Sushilsharma717


  • BenchmarK3D


  • kreditas

    Thanks for great logos man!

  • kreditas

    Thanks for great logos man!

  • kreditas

    Thanks for great logos man!

  • kreditas

    Thanks for great logos man!

  • Anonymous

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    business owners to get their cast mark character for free. Even
    abounding able clear designers generally adopt application Photoshop to
    architecture their client’s business identity.

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