20 Free Futuristic Fonts

Although many may think grunge and distorted fonts is the way to go nowaydays, I say you may always get back to nice futuristic fonts. I did a selection of 25 cool free futuristic and techno fonts you can’t go wrong with.

Which one is your favorite?

Orbitron Bold

Orbitron Bold Free Font

Neogrey Regular

Neogrey Regular Free Font

Facet Ultra

Facet Ultra Free Font

Exedore Expanded Italic

Exedore Expanded Italic Free Font

Direktor Condensed

Direktor Condensed Free Font

Formfound Origami

Formfound Origami Free Font

Election Day Italic

Election Day Italic Free Font


Robotaur Free Font

Taskforce Condensed

Taskforce Condensed Free Font


Sagan Free Font

Escheresk Regular

Escheresk Regula Free Font

Guardian Italic

Guardian Italic Free Font

Galgabold Italic

Galgabold Italic Free Font

Astropolis Expanded Italic

Astropolis Expanded Italic Free Font


Zealot Free Font


Cilogie Free Font

BP Molecules

BP Molecules Free Font

MR Fuglesang Outline

MR Fuglesang Outline Free Font

Yearend brk

Yearend brk Free Font

Sonic Empire

Sonic Empire Free Font

Space Age

Space Age Free Font


Xirod Free Font

Whatever Brk

Whatever Brk Free Font

Syndrome Brk

Syndrome Brk Free Font

Quarx Italic

Quarx Italic Free Font

About the author:

Peter Olexa is a freelance graphic designer born in Bratislava, Slovakia.
He has over 15 years of experience in corporate identity and web site design.


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