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20 Brilliant Vector Designs


Vector graphics can be used for all kinds of visual purposes, from logos and advertising, to cartoons, portraiture and fine art. Software such as Illustrator and Corel Draw have made vector design open to everyone, and its one of those skills thats easy to pick up but full of endless possibility for development. This post brings together 20 examples of brilliant vector design for inspiration and enjoyment.
1. 1310 (Ya-Na)
1 1310 vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs
This wonderful floral composition achieves just the right balance in the cool and warm colours and tones. There’s a nice mixture of drawing styles in each flowery blossom, some of which are simply exquisite.
2. Black Cat for Desert (Recyledwax)
2 black cat for dessert vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs
The characters in this brilliant design are dark and cute, and very stylishly drawn.
3. Water (LimKis)

3 water vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

LimKis is a highly talented vector artist producing images in a range of styles and visual approaches. This image is her interpretation of water; a colourful, dynamic and almost abstract composition that captures the dynamism of churning surf, reminiscent of the woodblock prints of Japanese artist Hokusai.

4. Funk Overload (Machine56)

4 funk overload vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

Funk Overload presents a stunning futuristic techno-style vector design, all created in CorelDraw X-3.

5. Vespa Girl ala Mucha (Sun2197)

5 vespa girl ala mucha vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

This cool poster design is inspired by, and in part traced from, the work of Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha. The image also employs Manga-style graphics. Interestingly, Mucha himself was influenced by Ed-era Japanese art, so this image can perhaps be seen as part of a long and noble graphic tradition.

6. Yermo Vineyards Wine Label and Logo (Faith Globe)

6 yermo vineyards vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

Faith Globe’s vector logo and wine label design for Yermo Vineyards is an enticingly retro creation, made entirely in Illustrator.

7. Miss You (Waver-h)

7 miss you vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

Waver-h’s vector drawing is a beautifully detailed design, simple distinctions of tone and density creating a great sense of depth.

8. Dali Van Gogh in Vector Art (Alejandro Peters)

8 dali van gogh vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

Alejandro Peters experimental collage combines painting by Vincent Van Gogh and a portrait photo of Salvador Dali, along with dazzlingly colourful vectors.

9. Parple Barple (Glug Glug) (Quando Jones)

9 parple barple vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

There’s a strong trend in contemporary vector art for cute yet deranged cartoon characters, bizarre creatures in absurd settings. Quando Jones is a talented artist working in this field of strange characterisation.

10. Peony Abstract (Geishaboy500)

10 peony abstract vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

Geishaboy500′s design is an amazing piece of abstraction combining handcrafted touches, vector drawing and beautifully handled transparencies.

11. Til I Get Over You (Tasha25)

11 til get over you vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

This portrait by Tash25 has a strong retro aesthetic, with delicate tonality in the play of light across the models dress and facial features.

12. Frozen in Time (Hitman101)

12 frozen in time vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

This cool vector image captures a slice of lime making a splash, a moment that the artist painstakingly recreated using Illustrator’s gradient meshes.

13. In Love (Debs)

14 in love vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

Hand-drawn and wallpaper elements are combined to great effect in this delightfully quirky vector t-shirt design.

14. Schmetterling (Varziel)

14 schmetterling vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

The delicate pink colour scheme in this vector image is used to masterful effect, uniting the portrait and butterfly elements in the composition.

15. Crow (Murat Sunger)

15 crow vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

Crows hold a particular place in the human imagination. This brilliantly drawn vector design captures the powerful form and corvid intelligence of the creatures.

16. I’m Free‚ Now What? (TheSigner)

16 im free now what vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

The artist used a rigorous process of working back and forth between hand drawing, Photoshop and Illustrator, constantly reworking the lines and forms, to create this astonishing piece of graphic body art.

17. Black and White (Cloning)

17 black n white cloning vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

The level of detail is quite mesmerising in this monochrome vector, which is jam-packed with robots, tin toys, mobile phones and countless other unidentifiable objects.

18. Hello World (A Little Kitty)

18 hello world vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

This charming candy-coloured vector creation is made even cuter by the edible character’s excited declaration, “Hello World!!”

19. No Guns Knives (ScytheDesigner)

19 no guns knives vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

ScytheDesigner delivers a slice of urban optimism in seductively warm colours, the hopeful message pleading for a gun and knife-free city environment.

20. The Midnight Light (Gartier)

20 the midnight light vector 20 Brilliant Vector Designs

The red and black stripes of light and shade are skilfully drawn to describe the contours of a woman’s form in this timeless piece of midnight chic, another stunning example of vector art.

James Adams is passionate about design. He is currently a full time writer working at a leading supplier of toner cartridges where he analyses and reviews hardware like the MLT-D1082S as well as writing about advertising and art for their design blog.

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  • http://Garcya.us/ Garcya

    What’s your favorite out of these 20?nI personally like 16. Iu2019m Freeu201a Now What?

  • Freddy

    where’s the download link?

  • FireFoxxy

    I like number 20. Very cool effect and something that makes you look twice.nI don’t see a download link either….LOL ;)

  • http://twitter.com/ChantellesArt Chantelle u30c4

    AWESOME collection… THANKS!!!

  • http://twitter.com/ChantellesArt Chantelle u30c4

    AWESOME collection… THANKS!!!

  • SiewShuen

    Was working for a project and surfing around and I found this.It stimulates my “creative juices” :) thanks!

  • http://Garcya.us/ Garcya

    This is showcase, not a download list for the vectors above!

  • Web Design Services

    Loving Parple Barple, but the are all very nice. Great collection.

  • http://trainingsplanmuskelaufbau.net/ trainingsplan muskelaufbau

    Limitations reside only in our thoughts. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become unlimited

  • http://www.laurencecaro.co.uk Laurence Caro

    Wow! These are really nice. Great stuff. LC

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