17 Free Vector On And Off Buttons

17 Free Vector On And Off Buttons

 Hey guys, here at WDB we know how to turn you on, therefor we thought we should put some on and off buttons for you to have in vector format!

Check it out and grab the pack now!

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Download from depositfiles.com


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8 thoughts on “17 Free Vector On And Off Buttons”

  1. This time I REALLY couldn’t find the download link! I am not in a position to invest in anything…am just learning web design. I thought it would be neat to learn how to use these but I found no free link anywhere.

  2. Hi Garcya – Thanks for the great files btw! Will def. become member when I have the spare cash. In the meantime, I found the Rapidshare link but it doesn’t seem to work due to “owners public traffic exhausted” is there something I’m missing? Thanks again – SW

    1. hi, its probably something related to bandwidth.
      Will upload this to another free file hosting and see if its alright
      Will post the link when done

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