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  • Ruby

    That’a a huge collection, thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Jesstastic

    Thanks! These will come in handy.

  • PelFusion

    thanks for free vector logos…and please remove the orange bar it doesn’t look good on your blog

  • chutia

    hello chutia

  • Jeromy Minicozzi

    […] – 16 Free Real Estate Vector Logos | Web Design Blog… This calendar mails for one stamp without the magnet punch out. Attach your business card to the punch out and presto, you have a business card . … Bookmarked and Pinged by […]

  • Oriental Rug Cleaning Miami

    Nice logos. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Business Logo Design

    Now a days client demand vector logo design work which its look better then raster image logo.

  • Andrew Smith

    Great logos. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Andrew Smith

  • hcg diet drops

    Vector work is ideal for logo design. Although it is a little more difficult to create a vector logo, it pays off when using it across different media. Since the vector logo can be scaled up or down without losing quality, it enables a smooth transition between the various media.

  • Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

    All the pictures are made out of pixel, if you will try to make a regular picture bigger you will lose some of the quality of the picture. If you want to create the logo as vector you will want to use adobe illustrator or Photoshop. Using adobe illustrator is better because that software working on vector basic, most of the professional designer use illustrator for logo design.

  • Anonymous

    well done

  • Anonymous

    well done

  • Anonymous

    well done

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