135 Free Vector Icons

135 free vector icons

135 free vector icons

Beautiful and simple vector icons in AI format only for WDB readers. Enjoy.

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87 thoughts on “135 Free Vector Icons”

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  2. Wow!.. Its a great collection of web design blogs post. People around world will definitely get benefit by reading these posts. It has cover almost all issues related with web design. Thanks for providing such a useful collection.

  3. I visited these websites, and they have some nice information, CSS-Discuss Wiki in particular. I’m looking forward for some more posts like these.

    Good Work!

  4. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I'm really going to bookmark and this and will out from time to time so I can use as inspiration in designing vector icons!

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  6. This is my first time here and this post was indeed thought provoking. I find there is a gap between the no. of readers and the comments . I personally think that even though I ask questions not many come fwd to answer. And believe you me, my questions are not ‘Big Bang theory’ types.

  7. Any possibility someone can save these with a newer version of Illustrator or even save them as SVG’s? I have Inkscape on Windows 64bit and I cannot open any of these files :( even when selecting open with: ai (older than version 8). Heck, even if someone could just save the all_vector_icons file in a newer format that would be great.

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