10 Premium Membership Accounts Giveaway


To celebrate the fact that WDB is back online after a severe server crash I’ve decided to make another Premium giveaway.

You know the rules to participate:

  1. Leave a comment and say what WDB means to you.
  2. Follow @Garcya on twitter.
  3. Wait :)

When will the contest end?

The contest is open from 28th of February to 5th of March.

How will the winners be selected?

As usual, I use random.org to select the winners.

Anything else?

Yep, good luck :)


To celebrate the fact that WDB is back online after a severe server crash I’ve decided to make another Premium giveaway.

You know the rules to participate:

  1. Leave a comment and say what WDB means to you.
  2. Follow @Garcya on twitter.
  3. Wait :)

When will the contest end?

The contest is open from 28th of February to 5th of March.

How will the winners be selected?

As usual, I use random.org to select the winners.

Anything else?

Yep, good luck :)

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49 Comments on “10 Premium Membership Accounts Giveaway

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  2. For me, WDB mean a great inspirational website. Since I’ve discovered it’s the only place I look for the resources I need. It’s a great web site for designers.
    The fact that all the free things I found here have the best quality, as the premium ones, made me come back. Good job!
    Oh and, I’m very proud to discover that we share the same country.

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  4. Kris

    It’s a superb resource for designers with some great tips! Keep it up at WDB!

  5. kevinsubba

    wow, this is really cool giveaway but i paid for the subscription already :(

  6. Muneer

    its really great

  7. fatih

    a good website but unlucky:) i have always wanted to get a premium account but i dont know that these files are legals and to be used for clients…

  8. Raphaëlle

    I just love WDB. I pay visit almost everyday. The vectors are superb and the fact that i’m a designer it helps me with my work. There’s a lot of vector website but WDB is much more then a vector website, it’s a website were we can exchange ideas, tips and much more. I’m proud to be a part of it. Please keep up the good work.

  9. Ruth

    WDB is a great place for resources and inspiration. As an aspiring designer I come here for tips and fantastic resources of the highest quality. Fantastic job WDB!

  10. Eser DALDAL

    WDB is mean, learning, learning, learning…
    one more think, WBD is mean, Web Desing Blog

  11. Lheylis

    For me WDB is a great discovery, because I find many resources here for my work, and very good advice for designers. I think it’s an excellent site, very useful. I want a premium subscription account because I want to download the beautiful vector resources that I sent to my email

  12. To me, WDB means a chance to win an awesome premium membership…oh yeah, and a bunch of awesome web design stuff that I use for inspiration every day!!

  13. nnascimento

    Great, great, fantastic …
    I really needed something like WDB …
    Exclusive material and better …
    My works were perfect after I met WDB …
    congratulations, thank you …

  14. I was really sorry to hear about the website crash: you have invested so much time and effort and good taste (and probably money) in this site!! Also for very egoistic reasons, I’m happy to see you back: your site keeps me updated on webdesign and graphic trends… which isn’t all that easy in the small and isolated country where I’m living. I’d be very very happy to win a premium membership but appreciate your site also without: you offer great free downloads and much of the time just looking is enough.

  15. Sres. WebDesign Blog, no me deja acceder a la posibilidad de ganar la suscripcion con mi correo info@marcelamosca.com.ar

  16. Tom

    Refreshing stuff! Gets my gray matter motivated to create!

  17. JT

    WDB is one of the best resources out there for designers who work with vectors. Thank you for the inspiration.

  18. Webresource DataBase is wat WDB mean to me.
    Awesome giveaway, Happy to participate. Wishing all other participants too.. Long live Garcya…

  19. all2gether

    WBD – what’s hot right now.. I’m so happy with lot stuff you guys have been uploaded for us. Appreciate guys for all vectors and cool ideas !! thansk a lot

  20. katerine

    Excellent site to get graphic resources, ideall for designers and professionals of the graphic arts. Now with a big opportunity to persons of low economic resources. Keep up the great work, this is a forced reference for inspiration. I´ll always be in WDB feedback! Thanks! Sorry for my bad english (i´m cuban)

  21. You offer a great resource, and it would be terrific to have a Premium Membership!

  22. Andy

    Web Design Blog has been one of the best finds I’ve come across since I began designing. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

  23. Adriana

    I’sorry… but i´m like write in portuguese (of Brasil)

    In Portuguese: Muito obrigada por postarem sempre coisas interessantes aqui no blog. Sem isso, tudo seria muito mais cinzento. Continuem com toda a força e esqueçam o que de mau se passou.

    *Congratulations!!! WDB Forever!

  24. Nagy

    WBG means a good helper for me i depend on it in my work, I wish to continue and i can’t lose WBD help

  25. Mansa

    WDB, with its magnanimous, free but prized give aways, to me is a treasure trove, fulfilling my myriad graphic requirements rarely every do I not find here what I seek. I feel lucky to have come across WDB.

    My most sincer thank you to WDB!

  26. Nagy

    I appreciate your efforts a real and acknowledged that this site was and will continue to help me in my work and that I wish him every success ، Go ahead WBD

  27. Your work is an inspiration to me. It’s also made me a rockstar to my husband… thank you for saving my marriage ;)

  28. It means constant learning. WDB Thanks to my work today are more professional and demand.

  29. Nancy

    Web Design Blog is a wonderful source of vector art and one of the first things I look at on my RSS feed reader for Web Design inspiration. I don’t know how one person can offer so much in a day, but it is refreshing to see so many different types of ideas, so many giveaways and I really appreciate it. Thanks for another great offer!

  30. HI!
    I visit WDB because is a great inspiration and learning stuff website.

  31. Araceli Aria

    I recently discovered WDB and fell in love with the vector graphics!! Thanks for coming back I really don’t know what I would do with out you! I am starting in the designing career myself and this blog has help me a lot in the little time I’ve known it!! Keep up the good work!!! We lovee ya!!!!

  32. Wendy Fitz

    This is so cool, your site is the best.

  33. Beth Scandalios

    WDB has beautiful graphics. A great resource for inspiration. Thank you!

  34. Navid

    Web Design Blog is not only a blog to use artist . also it’s a world that artist live in there. it’s very use full.

  35. It means my headaches are less intense and less frequent, my daily problems seem to sift away faster and with less backward friction, and my hair doesn’t get all messed up from all the pulling like…. Thanks for the inspiration WDB…

  36. Para mi WDB es mas que un lugar del cual bajar archivos para utilizarlos, es mas una forma de seguir aprendiendo nuevas tecnias y formas, asi como la aplicacion de las mismas, hoy por hoy, es el mejor blog de diseño web que me he encontrado

  37. Raeef

    as a graphic designer, my artworks are totally improved and shined since I recognized WDB.

  38. s

    you don’t know how much you miss something until it’s gone. welcome back!

  39. Its inspirational, life saver for a designer. Not only for graphic designers its a wonderful source for the textile designers also and also updates one with the latest trends in the world of graphics.


    amazingly BEAUTIFUL,
    extraordinary CREATIVE,
    unlimited RESOURCES,

    Wonderful design,
    Beyond expectations,
    Double thumbs up,

    a great place for graphic lovers!

  41. Garcya is the best blog for design and I cant think of starting my day without having a look at this, It inspires me too.

  42. WDB is the first place I go when looking for that perfect vector I need for a design that I am working on. It’s my very best resource, and would be lost without it! Thanks so much for such a great hub of design inspiration!

  43. Lilou

    What a great opportunity, hope to win. I really love WDB for all the great graphics, always found what I need. It’s in my favorite for a long time now. Congrats for your hard work!!

  44. Subhankar Kirtania

    well for me it would be a Dream come true to have a premium membership of WDB .As this is the only website I have found where even freebies are also of professional level . So I will cross my fingers hoping myself to become the among the luckiest persons.

  45. I find garcya too be the best resource for web designer freebies, vectors and graphics. From the day I first time visited I have been hunger to garcya

  46. I found your Web Design article really interesting. I am always looking for great Web Design information. I run a blog for Web Design for my company in the San Diego Area. You can click here to visit our site at http://www.univelocity.com. We do Web Design projects for small company’s and can provide basic web sites, search engine optimization, merchant services and many other services to help your small business in the San Diego area.

  47. WDB is a great resource for tips with real world use!

    Would love to be one of the winners!

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